How You Serve, Determines How Your Business Grows

How You Serve, Determines How Your Business Grows

As a service-based entrepreneur or business owner, there are many things that contribute to the growth of your business including sales and marketing, but how you serve can make the biggest impact to your bottom line.

In this video and blog post I share how you can serve 4 specific groups and how it will help to grow your business.  Be sure to unmute the video in order to hear the audio.

In what ways are you serving your clients, prospects, audience, and community?

Serve Your Clients

When someone invests in your services you have the ability to serve them and to serve them well!  How are you serving your clients, the individuals who have chosen to invest in your services?  Your goal should be to not just meet the needs of your clients, but to exceed it!  When you exceed your client’s expectation, your business will grow.  Your clients will be happy to refer you to others and you will be able to tap into the most powerful marketing strategy of all time the power of word of mouth marketing.

Serve Your Prospects

You can serve your prospects by providing value.  Provide them with tips, tools and techniques that will help them. Sharing content online such as through your business blog, a podcast, or a video show are just a few ways that you can consistently provide your prospects with value.   When you provide this type of value, your prospects will look at you and your business as a valuable resource, and will spread the word to others, and when they are ready for your services you will be the first person they will turn to.

Serve Your Audience 

Your audience can include your fans, followers, and friends on social media, and can include the audience you talk to offline.  Just like serving your prospects, you serve your audience by providing value in the form of tips, tools, and techniques and content marketing is a great way to do that.  Are you consistently providing value to your audience?

Serve Your Community  

In what ways are you serving your community.  The community in which you live and operate could benefit from your services, so in what ways are you offering your services for free to your community?  By serving in your community like volunteering and/or donating your time you build relationships and show your value.  Building relationship and showcasing your value can actually help to grow your business.

Are you serving these groups in your business?  In what ways do you serve and how has it impacted your business?  Be sure to post your response in the comments below.


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