Faith over fear in uncertain, unstable & unprecedented times!

As we know, COVID-19 is the talk of the times right now. With that being said, we understand the importance for us to stay in moving forward motion as business owners and entrepreneurs to serve. Last week, we focused on INTENTION and I shared two things you need to set clear intention for your business. Be sure to check it out.

This week I want to switch gears slightly and turn our focus on faith and fear. Therefore, our focus for the week will be FAITH OVER FEAR. This is a phrase that is heard often during our current times. As we jump into this focus I want to talk about FAITH OVER FEAR as it relates to uncertain, unstable, and unprecedented times. Take a look at the video or read the summary below to learn more about FAITH OVER FEAR.

UNCERTAINTY – it is very true that we are living in uncertain times. However, this is an opportunity to choose FAITH OVER FEAR. If we put things in perspective we accept that living in uncertainty is something that always exists. With that perspective, uncertainty becomes an issue of control. We may have plans, schedules, and structure; but we are never really in control. God is in control – He was in control before coronavirus and will continue to be. Find rest in knowing that God is in control.

UNSTABLE – the unemployment rate is high, the stock market is going down, people are losing their jobs; the economy is unstable. As business owners and entrepreneurs we can lose clients and contracts. The way to choose FAITH OVER FEAR in this instance is to remember your source. God is our source and provider and that has not changed. Lean on God as your provider and source.

UNPRECEDENTED – the entire world is on lockdown and required to practice social distancing. As we experience times that we have never seen we need to choose FAITH OVER FEAR. The way to do that is to simply trust God. This is the time we must activate our faith to another level than we have before.

Choosing FAITH OVER FEAR is really about releasing your concerns and worries to God. We need to accept that God is in control, lean on God as the source, and simply trust God by up-leveling our faith.

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