3 Fears You Need to Conquer to Quickly Grow Your Business!

3 Fears You Need to Conquer to Quickly Grow Your Business!

A large factor of succeeding as a business owner, entrepreneur, coach or consultant is conquering your fears.  FEAR is something that can STOP you in your tracks! It can hinder you from taking the steps necessary to do the things that are necessary to take your business and life to the next level.  Fear is by far the #1 thing that stops people from succeeding. Fear of judgement, fear of success, fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of criticism, etc, BUT you can fight fear with FAITH.

In the #FaithFriday video below, I share 3 fears you can conquer in 2018 with faith-based success strategies (be sure to unmute the video to hear the content):

As I mentioned in the video, the 3 fears you can conquer with faith are:

  1.  Fear of Public Speaking

    Whether your speaking online or offline, speaking is one of the BEST ways for people to know about you and know about your business, so if you fear public speaking, you must conquer that fear this year by SPEAKING, just do it!  Whether it’s on Facebook Live or whether it’s at an event offline, schedule the event and do it-  SPEAK and trust that in faith it is going to be alright

  2. Fear of Writing

    It’s important to get your content out and share your knowledge with your ideal audience and an easy an effective way of doing this is by writing, you can start out by writing your own blog, or writing an article for other platforms, or even writing a book, but whatever you choose, you have to WRITE.  You have to trust and believe that whatever you write will be right for the right person.

  3. Fear of Taking Action

    A large part of success is taking action, so we have to take action on the things that intimidate us.  Whether it’s calling the person who could help you in your business or asking for a sale, sometimes the fear of rejection is the reason we have a fear of taking action.  As a business owner, you will hear no, but you must continue on in order to succeed, so go ahead and ACT.

So the three fears are speaking, writing, and acting, and I encourage you to conquer those fears in 2018 and start doing more speaking, writing, and acting so you can GROW your business.

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Let’s make 2018 your BEST year yet!




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