The Power Within

One of the most important strengths that we have as believers in business is something we often overlook….it’s the power that God has given to us within and specifically leaning on the Holy Spirit to direct and guide us in business.  

This ONE thing really is our secret sauce, our secret weapon, the main ingredient for our success. But many people do not think about it or even talk about what it looks like to tap into the Power Within.  

In this blog post, I identify key ways you can be guided by the Power Within.  

1. Listen to the still small voice

Many times when we are led by the Holy Spirit we are listening to a still small voice inside of us that’s nudging us in a specific direction.  It’s usually very subtle, not loud, just an inner knowing that this is the right step or the next best move for you to make. 

How about you? Have you experienced inner tugging?  A small voice guiding you to the next best step?

2. Pay attention to the signs

Many times the Holy Spirit will guide you through signs.  A good example for signs and something that many people have said that they experience is getting a message in 3’s.  So you may get an email with a specific message, and then you watch something on TV with the same message, and then you listen to a podcast and it’s the same message. 

Hearing something in 3’s can often be a sign that you are being guided or directed by the Holy Spirit.  This just happened to me recently.  I was doing a podcast interview for my podcast Women Faith + Business and the guest talked about looking for the Joy in Journey. Then the very next day when I was reading my morning devotion, it talked about the Joy in your journey. Last but not least I received the message several days later when someone mentioned in a meeting that there is joy in the journey.  

I took that as a definite sign that God was guiding me through the Holy Spirit to look for joy in my journey. Now I am being more intentional about recognizing that there is joy in this journey and making sure I pay attention to it.  

How about you?  Have you experienced the Holy Spirit guiding you with messages that you receive in 3’s?  If so, be sure to share in the comments below.

3. Remember God's Word

Many times the Holy Spirit will actually guide you through scripture.  Bringing to our remembrance a specific scripture, verse, or a story in the Bible that may be relevant to what we are going through in life or in business that we can learn from, lean on, or gain insight from.  As the word says in John [14:26], “But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.”

4. Let Peace Guide Your Decisions

One of the fruits of the Holy Spirit is Peace. When there is a sense of peace in your Spirit about a decision you are being guided by the Holy Spirit. And when you don’t have peace or when you are frustrated or confused, more than likely you are not being guided by the Holy Spirit in your decision-making. Noticing the path of peace is a sure sign that you are being guided by the Holy Spirit. 

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