S3-E14- When God answers prayers and creates breakthroughs

It is so easy to get distracted, disengaged, and distraught when we are expecting something great to happen. Sometimes, the smallest thing seems to snowball into something much bigger. Sometimes we manifest the snowball effect because we are too focused on the things that can cause distractions. It is important that as we prepare to manage the things that may go wrong that we are seeking answers and wisdom along the way. God still answers prayers and creates breathroughs.

In this episode you will hear:

• How she sought the Holy Spirit for the wisdom of when and what to share with people

• How God gave her the idea for her book

• How she wasn’t bold and courageous about her faith in the beginning

• How she prayed with her client

• How the Lord provides even through difficult financial times

• Her faith healing journey


Deb is a sales catalyst and author of “Sell Like Jesus”. She knows sales inside out from having done it since age 8. Her passion is helping Christian business owners succeed at sales without feeling like a shark. She teaches people how to apply the lessons of servant leadership to sales conversations.

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