How to Overcome Mountains, Storms, and Giants in Life and Business

Life is full of difficult circumstances that feel like mountains, storms and giants.  The good news is we have the ability to overcome any obstacle that we may face in life. 

This week on the VLOG I share how to overcome the mountains, storms, and giants of life and business. Watch the video or read the post below:

Quick Summary:

The circumstances that we face in life and business usually fall under the following categories:

  1. Mountains–  The obstacles that appear in our path
  2. Storms–  The situations that feel overwhelming 
  3. Giants–  The people who are difficult and hard to deal with 
We have the ability to overcome the impossible obstacles, hard situations, and difficult people by turning to God, trusting God, and confidently moving forward in life and in business. 


Mountains are defined as the things that seem to be impossible to manage or overcome.  

We can learn about mountains from the story of the Israelites and the Red Sea (Exodus 14:1-32).  When they were being pursued by the king’s army and the only way out was to move forward into the sea, they were instructed by Moses (their leader) to not be afraid, be brave because the Lord will save them.

So they bravely moved forward through the Red sea and God opened up the water so that they could walk on dry ground.  

When the Egyptians tried to follow them they were swallowed up by the water and drowned.  

From this experience the Israelites knew without a doubt that the Lord had saved them and worshiped Him and trusted Him. 


When you’re facing a mountain in your life or business where things look impossible turn to God, get instructions from Him, and move forward.  Then you will experience the goodness of God for yourself. 


Storms are defined as the situations that are hard or difficult to deal with.  

We can learn about how to deal with the storms in our lives from the story of the disciples caught in a storm with Jesus (Matthew 8: 23-27).  Jesus and the disciples were on a boat and a severe storm happened.  

During the storm Jesus was asleep.  The disciples were so scared that they woke Jesus up and said, “Save Us!”

Jesus response was, “Why are you so fearful and have no faith?” He then went on to quiet the storm and the sea became calm.  

The disciples were astonished by how easily Jesus calmed the raging storm.  


When Jesus is in the midst of your situation, there is no need to worry.  You can have the peace of Jesus and sleep through the storm or the power of Jesus to calm the storm.  When you trust and believe, God can handle anything. 


A giant is defined as a person who is in power or has influence that you are having a difficult time with.  

We can learn about giants from the story of David and Goliath (1 Samuel 17:1-58).  The Israelites were being threatened by a giant named Goliath.  

The king said he would give great wealth, his daughter, and tax exemption to any man that kills Goliath.  

David felt like he could slay the giant, so King Saul sent for him and offered to give him the equipment to fight Goliath (sword, armor, etc.).  

David refused Saul’s equipment and opted for a stone and sling shot.  

With the stone and sling shot, David was able to slay the giant and win the battle.  


When you are confident in God, confident in the ability He has given you, and not intimidated, you can defeat any giant in your life as long as you remain true to you, authentic, bold, and courageous. 

Scripture References:

Mountains–  Israelites and the Red Sea (Exodus 14:1-32)

Storms–  The disciples caught in a storm with Jesus (Matthew 8: 23-27)

Giants- David and Goliath (1 Samuel 17:1-58)

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