How to choose peace over panic

Last week our focus was Faith and Fear. We took a look at Faith and Fear from the perspective of the current COVID-19 pandemic and how we can choose Faith over Fear during uncertain, unstable, and unprecedented times. Continue to choose Faith over Fear in your everyday movement.

This week our focus PEACE OVER PANIC. We are hearing a lot of bad news during this time due to COVID-19. Our world has entered a time of panic. I want us to shift those panic feelings into feelings of peace. Let’s take a look at how we can choose PEACE OVER PANIC. Take a look at the video or read the summary below to learn more about choosing PEACE OVER PANIC.

When we are faced with challenging or difficult news we tend to enter a space of panic. Panic is naturally the first reaction when we experience unexpected and/or unchartered times. My aunt was recently diagnosed with COVID-19 and I immediately went into panic mode. I had to pause and find peace in the situation. I began to pray and think positive. We have to remember that when these challenges arise we must remember that God is in control and we MUST find peace in that. The best way to find peace in knowing God is in control is through prayer and positivity. Once we begin to pray we can then begin to realize or remember the positive side of the situation. This same principle applies to your business as well. We are human and have feelings; however, after our initial reaction, we need to immediately turn to God. This allows us to choose PEACE OVER PANIC.

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