EP 10- What’s Possible When Keeping God First with Cledra Gross

Cledra is a Minister, Author, Speaker and CEO of the Life and Business Academy. She has been elected as one of Atlantas top 10 over 40 for inspiring others
to live their best life.

After over 20 years in Corporate America as an 
executive Cledra used her talent of growing million dollar brands in the pharmaceutical industry to grow her own global Life and Business Coaching practice.

With advanced degrees in Chemical Engineering & nutrition; Cledra integrates neuroscience, engineering and Biblical Principles to help her clients rewire their brain to create mind blowing results in every category of their lives.

As a result of working with Cledra her clients develop a practice of intentional thinking that allows them to increase revenue, create systems of productivity , and have a greater sense of fulfillment & satisfaction each day. 

Cledra is married to the love of her life Bishop Eddie Gross. An admitted nerd in her spare time you can catch Cledra reading, working out, or writing her next book.

On this episode of the Women Faith + Business Podcast you will hear:

  • Why you don't need a buttoned up strategic plan to start a business
  • How your pain turns into your purpose
  • What she experienced in her wilderness season
  • Why she decided to declare Jesus on her business platform
  • The shifts she had to make in her relationship after declaring Jesus on her business platform
  • How she really got to know the character of God
  • The importance of relationship over religion
  • Understanding the difference between our thoughts and feelings as it relates to our circumstances

Ways to connect with Cledra:

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