E 12- Called to be a Marketplace Minister with Allison Denise

Allison Denise is a 5x Best Selling Author, International Speaker, and Award-Winning Graphic Designer of beautiful boss brands and books through her biz Brand It Beautifully™. A servant leader at heart and an eclectic, creative soul, she seeks to help others free their creativity while transforming lives. An avid advocate of Self-Acceptance and Spiritual Empowerment it is her desire that every woman finds the power in their voice and the beauty in their story. She did not know that her love for God and building others up would lead to success in the marketplace and in ministry. She prays that something you experience, someone you meet, or something you do as a result of this podcast will ignite the fire in you to Empower Your Inner Creator™ and become everything God designed you to be.

On this episode of the Women Faith + Business Podcast you will hear:

  • Why termination is not your final destination when God is involved
  • Consulting God for the next steps is powerful for transition
  • How a mindset shift is necessary to gain confidence in your gifts and talents
  • The importance of acknowledging that God sends those that are assigned to you
  • How working on your personal relationship with God will naturally transition to include Him in your business
  • How an experience or encounter with Jesus won’t let you leave Him out of anything
  • How the ability to understand who God is, to believe He is who He says He is, and to actively walk in that belief activates the power of faith
  • How business allows us to further the reach of God’s agenda

Ways to connect with Allison:

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