Activate Your Faith

We have all been given a “measure” of FAITH, but are we actively working to strengthen our faith?  

Firstly, let’s define faith, according to Hebrews 11:1, faith is the substance of things HOPED for, the evidence of things NOT SEEN.  Faith requires ACTION because faith without works is DEAD!  

This week’s vlog, I share 3 spiritual principles that will help you STRENGTHEN your FAITH!

Quick Summary:

Are you ACTIVATING your FAITH?  Discover 3 Spiritual disciplines that allow you to STRENGTHEN and ACTIVATE your FAITH:

  1. Prayer-  The act of consistently communicating with God
  2. Fasting-  Allows you to decrease your flesh and increase your spirit 
  3. Guided Journaling-  Allows you to hear from the Holy Spirit.   

1. Prayer

Prayer is one of the most important spiritual disciplines because it allows you to communicate with the creator of you and all things.  Prayer is simply a conversation with God.  Sometimes people are intimidated with prayer, especially in public settings, but if we look at it as a simple conversation and we communicate authentically then there is no need to be intimidated.  

You can strengthen your faith by having a consistent prayer habit and praying authentically from your heart whether it’s a public or private prayer.  Make prayer personal to you.

2. Fasting

One of the biggest benefits of fasting is CLARITY!   The act of not eating for an extended period of time can help to decrease your FLESH and increase your SPIRIT.  A key strategy when fasting is to replace the times when you would have been eating physical food with eating spiritual food like worship songs, sermons, or spiritual podcasts. Doing these things to replace eating during your time of fasting helps to STRENGTHEN your FAITH!

Decide what works best for you to be consistent with fasting. Whether it’s for 1 day, 21 days, 1 hr a day, or 12 hrs a day, pick what you feel led to do and start to practice the spiritual discipline of FASTING!

3. Guided Journaling

Guided journaling is a great way to hear from the Holy Spirit. It offers an opportunity to REFLECT, allows you to PROCESS your thoughts, feelings and emotions; and to track your PROGRESS as you GROW spiritually!

Invitation to the Faith Activation Club

You’re invited to join us for the Faith Activation Club. It’s not just a journey, but an EXPERIENCE that will include prayer, fasting, and journaling in a safe, sacred container of support.

If you desire to GROW spiritually, personally, and in your business, you are invited to join us in the Faith Activation Club starting on Thursday, March 14th at 12 pm ET.

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