5 Ways to Propel Your Email Marketing

Do you stay connected to your customers and prospects on a regular basis?  Staying connected maintains your relationship and keeps your business top of mind.  A great way to do this is through Email Marketing.  Email marketing allows you to reach them in their email in-boxes on a regular basis.

Check out these tips below to propel your Email Marketing:

  • Build your Email List
    You can start by collecting email addresses from your customers, clients, and prospects.  You can use both online and offline techniques as an email address capture method. Online techniques include having an email sign-up form on your website and an email sign-up link on your outgoing email messages.  Offline techniques can include having a Quick Response (QR) Code on your brochures or business cards that links to your email sign-up form and collecting email addresses on your order forms, or when people request information about your business, be sure to get their email address.
  • Select an Email Service Provider (ESP)   
    An ESP will allow you to create professional emails that will be delivered  into your customers and prospects’ in-boxes and can be branded to the look and feel of your business .  Some popular ESPs are:

    Each one has its pros ands cons.  Some are FREE and others have FREE trial periods.  Do your research and select an EImageSP that works for you and your budget.  Check out my recent post, How to Pick an Email Marketing Service Provider to learn more.

  • Create a professional email with good content
    As the saying goes, Content is King!  What you say in your email is what is most important, but before people can read what you have to say, they have to open your email which is the first hurdle.  Making a good subject line so people will want to open your e-mail will get you over that first hurdle.  Keeping your content condensed, which should be 80% educational or informative, and only 20% promoting your product or service helps to keep people engaged with your email.
  • Analyze the results
    After you’ve grown your list and sent out some awesome emails with some great content, it is also important to check the numbers.  How many people actually opened your email, how many people actually clicked on the items in your email, etc.  Keeping track of these results are important so you know how you are doing and how to improve.
  • Consistently reach out to your customers, clients and prospects through email marketing.  A great way to stay top of mind is to send out a monthly e-zine or e-newsletter.

In summary, whether you are currently using email marketing for your business or you’re thinking about using it, the keys are to stay consistent and to provide useful content.

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