3 Modern Messaging Channels to Easily Reach Clients & Prospects

3 Modern Messaging Channels

When it comes to marketing your business, three key things to consider that will help to make your marketing campaign successful is your reach, your message and using the right channel.  Selecting the right channel to reach your audience and sending the right message can make a big difference in the success of your marketing campaign.

In this post I will share 3 Modern Messaging Channels to Easily Reach Your Clients and Prospects

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  1. Website Live Chats

    A live chat on your website allows you to communicate with your website visitors right on your website.  It allows you to have a personal touch to your website that can engage and convert your website visitors.  With live chats you are able to answer questions, offer support, notify visitors of promotions right from your website. Live Chat allows you to greet your website visitors and meet their needs.  If adding Live Chat is something you are considering adding to your company website, check out this post on the 8 Best Live Chat Plugins for WordPress.

  2. Social Media Messaging Apps

    When it comes to using an app to message clients and prospects on social media, the biggest social media platform that uses this type of communication method is Facebook.  The Facebook Messenger App has over 1.2 billion users.  With over 1.2 billion people using Facebook Messenger it opens up the opportunity for companies to consider reaching out to clients and prospects using this app.  Using Facebook messenger allows companies to reach their clients and prospects where they are already hanging out on the largest social media platform, Facebook. In addition to using the Facebook Messenger App organically, you can also automate some of the messages that you send on Facebook Messenger.  A popular messenger marketing app is ManyChat.   ManyChat allows you to create a Facebook Messenger bot for marketing, sales and support.  A bot is an easy way to automate your messages on Facebook.

  3. Text Messaging 

    When it comes to reaching out to clients and prospects offline, the most effective messaging is text messaging.  On average text messages have a 98% open rate and a 45% response rate.  However, very few companies are using text message marketing to communicate with their clients and prospects successfully.  Discover how to use text message marketing in your business, check out the post, How to Best Leverage Text Message Marketing.

Have you considered using any of these modern messaging channels for your business? Or are you already using some of these modern messaging channels in your business?  Be sure to comment below:

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