3 Key Inner Strategies to Market Your Business and Attract New Clients


Marketing can be defined as the “activities” your business does to create “awareness”, “attract” new clients, and inspire “action” and because marketing is mainly about the  activities you do, most marketing information will focus on all the things you need to “do” to market your business.

However, in this blog post, I want to focus on 3 inner strategies to successfully market and promote your business so you can attract new clients

1. "Be" You

Instead of focusing so much on what you need to “do” to market your business ((i.e. create a funnel, send out emails, write a blog post, guest on podcasts, etc.) focus on who you need to “be” in the marketplace (aligned, authentic, confident, courageous, bold, grateful, vulnerable, etc.).  

Creating a daily “To be” list will help you focus to who you need to be so that you can show up and serve the people that God has called you to serve in the marketplace.  For example my “To be” list for today is:

  • Be thankful 
  • Be persistent
  • Be bold
  • Be courageous 
  • Be relentless
  • Be confident 
What would your “To be” list look like?  

2. Have a Strong Belief System

In order to successfully market and promote your business you must have a strong belief system. Your belief system should include:

  • Belief in God–  Do you believe that you are partnered with God in your business and God wants you to succeed in your marketplace assignment?
  • Belief in yourself–  Do you really believe that you have what it takes to run a successful business.  Are you trusting in the talents, abilities, gifts and skills that God has given you?
  • Belief in your business–  Do you truly believe in the business idea, concept, or opportunity that God has given you and the impact that this business can make in the world?
  • Belief in you product or service–  Do you strongly believe that the product or service that you are offering can make a difference in your client’s life and help them with what they need?
When you truly believe it impacts your marketing.  People will feel it in your marketing message, your marketing campaigns and your business offers. 

3. Manage Your Energy

Your energy says a lot and can impact the results of your marketing.  So staying focused on what energizes you in business and delegate or stop the activities that drain or deplete you.  This is when having a virtual marketing assistant to help you with some of your marketing activities can be helpful so you can focus on the parts of your business that only you can do.   

When you focus on these three inner marketing success strategies you will be better able to attract the people you are called to serve in the marketplace. Want to learn more and discover the 4 Spiritual Principles to Attract your Ideal Clients with Ease, Flow and Grace? Be sure to sign-up for my upcoming workshop, The B.E.S.T. Marketing Workshop for Women of Faith in Business on Thursday, July 28th at 2:00 pm ET

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