S7-E9- A Powerful Faith Formula with Janel Ranee

How would you define faith?  As a business owner/entrepreneur having faith is key. Starting a business requires taking a leap of faith and staying in business requires continuous steps of faith. 

On this episode of the podcast Janel Ranee known as the faithologist shares a powerful faith formula that can help you remember what is needed for faith.   

On this episode you will hear:

  • The call for more
  • Speaking, comforting, praying, and encouraging others
  • God guides by steps
  •  The influence of a faith-based Grandmother
  • The importance of being able to come as you are
  • The impact of the spirit of offense
  • The impact of your environment
  • The impact of church hurt
  • How what you wear can be a conversation starter
  • Flowing with the Holy Spirit
  • God gives you confirmations that you are in His will
  • The Faith Formula- Belief x Hope + Action – Facts = Faith



Janel Ranèe also known as the FAITHOLOGIST, is a woman of God, a wife, a mother, an author, speaker, certified mindset coach, a Registered Nurse by profession but a Kingdom entrepreneur by God’s grace. Janel is the cofounder along side her husband of The FAITHOLOGY Brand. A faith-based lifestyle apparel brand geared towards evangelistic streetwear for the modern day believer. Janel aspires to lead lost individuals to Christ through her brand and Spirit-led lifestyle! Janel believes faith is a lifestyle and style isn’t just about what you wear but how you live your life!


Social Media Handles:
@janel.ranee and @faithologybrand

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