S7-E8- Understanding Your Primary Business Purpose with Susan Fleming

What is the primary purpose of your business?  It’s a question that is important to know and understand as a business owner and entrepreneur.  A large percentage of business owners and entrepreneurs will say that the purpose of their business is to make an impact, to have an income, and to influence people in some way, but identifying which one is your primary business purpose can make a big difference in your business. On this episode of the podcast I chat with Susan Fleming all about understanding your primary business purpose. 

On this episode you will hear: 

  • How God expands your view and your business
  • How God is not an “either” “or” God, but He is an “and” God
  • Desiring deeper relationship with God
  • How you can be “covert” or “overt” regarding your faith on your business platform
  • Understanding your business primary purpose
  • Managing your money mindset
  • To get to the heart of your why, go seven levels deep of your why
  • What is your God-given vision



Susan Fleming is a #1 international best-seller, licensed mental health therapist, and founder of Heaven to Earth LLC. Her mission is to change entrepreneurial culture by equipping business leaders to multiply L.I.F.E. (legacy, impact, freedom, energy) without burning out in the process.


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