S7-E7- Guaranteed Success with Jelisa Dallas

What if your success was guaranteed?  It seems like it’s impossible to guarantee that you will be successful, but on this episode of the podcast we discover how we have a guarantee of success, abundance and wealth when we align with the principles of the Bible.  

On this episode Jelisa Dallas shares her faith journey and her business journey and how you are guaranteed success when you are aligned with God’s Word and His principles.    

On this episode you will hear:

  • God’s prompting
  • When God gives us a word of phrase it’s for us first and then others
  • G.O B.R.A.V.E. – Growth. Optimism. Boldness. Resilience. Authenticity. Victory and Virtue. Equipped to Empower.
  • Finding who you are again
  • Getting past fear, doubt and lack of confidence
  • Faith is the core of who she is
  • The business principles of the Bible
  • Guarantee of success, abundance and wealth
  • The importance of being in integrity
  • You know when you’re in alignment when you are confident and have a certainty in your spirit in your ability to advance the Kingdom of God
  • Consider what you need to release and what you need to embrace



Jelisa Dallas, M.S.Ed., is an author, Soul Work Coach, certified ​DEI Professional and Ideation Consultant empowering women of faith and organizations of impact to live bravely with emotional intelligence. As the CEO of Go Brave Coaching and Consulting, with over 13 years working in education, Jelisa’s work has been driven by the desire to positively impact others through personal, spiritual and professional development. Jelisa believes when we work toward improving our soul (mind, will and emotions), we’re better equipped to show up authentically, advocate for ourselves and appreciate our own and others contributions. Jelisa holds a Masters in Educational Leadership from Old Dominion University and is DEI Workplace Certified through the USF Muma College of Business. She is currently a board member of Ohio Project 311 and Warren/Youngstown Urban League Young Professionals.


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