S6-E3- Activating Your Faith with Nadine Mullings

On this episode we take a look at how you activate your faith.  EP1 we talked about what faith is, now this episode we discuss how you activate your faith.  Faith is something that we work on and cultivate.  And in this episode we discuss two key ways to nurture, grow and activate your faith. 

Listen in to discover how you can activate your faith!

On this episode you will hear:

  • Two ways to activate your faith:
    – personal relationship
    – corporate religion
  • Activating your faith through relationship
    o Reading God’s word
    o Communicating with God through prayer
    o Being still and being in God’s presence
    o Meditating and hearing from God
  • Activating your faith through religion
    o Being with like-minded individuals
    o Going to church and gathering with other believers
    o Small intimate groups of believers
    o Connecting with others to grow spiritually
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