S5-E9- God’s Grace Gives You Space to Get it Right with Jesse A. Cole, Jr.

Have you ever wondered if you are on the right track or if you are doing the right things for and in your business?  Or most important if what you are doing is in alignment with God’s will and God’s way? 

The GREAT thing about God is that He gives us GRACE on this journey of life and gives us space to get it RIGHT and that’s exactly what I chatted with Jesse A. Cole, Jr. about on this episode of the Women Faith + Business Podcast. 

On this episode you will hear:

  • How he uses his spiritual gifting in the marketplace
  • How he shifted from working for God to relationship with God
  • Kingdom Mindset v. World Mindset
  • Peace is a part of God’s instruction
  • Ask God what is the next step instead of the next 10 steps
  • How he receives strategies on prayer walks
  • God’s grace is there in our missteps

About Jesse A Cole, Jr.

Jesse A. Cole, Jr. is a leading voice in faith-driven coaching. He is fueled by a passion for helping leaders gain deeper confidence, spiritual significance, boldness and authenticity in their work and life. An organization and leadership development authority, he empowers faith-driven leaders to stand out and thrive in their industries.

The author of 6 books, Jesse understands the power of sharing concepts that encourage and equip his audience to strengthen their leadership philosophy. His most recent book, “Kingdom Confidence: Demonstrating the Power, Authority, and Influence of God In Your Life and Business” (Available on Amazon) has allowed him to be featured in over 150 publications, including FOX40, FOX28, NewsNet, Digital Journal, Town Hall Finance, The Chronicle Journal, and International Business Times.

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