S5-E6- Trust God With Your Business with David Simons

The conversations I have with the guests on the Women Faith + Business Podcast are always powerful and insightful, but this conversations was exceptional!  

I learned so much from what David Simons shared about his faith and business journey and the importance of trusting God with your business.  Listen in to hear this episode!

On this episode you will hear:

  • How he miraculously got into the engineering program in college
  • How he changed career paths and became an entrepreneur after getting laid off
  • How his childhood impacted his faith and business
  • How a life altering situation led him to know God for himself
  • The power of fasting and prayer
  • The importance of bringing God in all that he does including business
  • How faith is a part of his identity
  • How he helps his clients to dominate their industry by taking dominion
  • God speaks to Him through journaling
  • God sends people to confirm what He says’ 

About David Simons

David D. Simons is a Mediapreneur who utilizes his offline and online skills to promote brands, increase businesses, support causes, and build relationships. 

His passion and excitement for media has attracted the likes of Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, churches, and entrepreneurs. 

David obtained a degree in Digital Media from Sacramento State University and a Master’s degree in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University. 

He is the CEO of Kingdom Social Media, which is an organization designed to help influential leaders and leading organizations dominate their market online through social media marketing. 

David has been recognized by Entrepreneur.com, Dell Computers, Yahoo, Xerox Corporation, Huffington Post, and Hootsuite for his strategies in social media.

He truly enjoys teaching and in his spare time he is an Adjunct Professor for Temple University, the Community College of Philadelphia, and Esperanza College.

David lives in Philadelphia, PA with his loving wife, Abigail Simons. David lives by this rule: “The biggest risk you will take in life is not taking risks.”

Contact David Simons

Website- www.DavidDSimons.com
social- @daviddsimons

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