S5-E4- Identify What You Stand For so You Can Stand Out

On this episode of the podcast I interview ShawnQ.   He shares about his business and faith journey and drops some major faith and business nuggets! He also shares the importance of identifying what you stand for and what you don’t, so that you can stand out and attract the people you are called to serve in the marketplace! 

Listen in to discover how he hears from God in his business and the lessons you can learn from what he shares. 

On this episode you will hear:

  • The driving factor of why he wanted to start a business
  • How he made it his mission to eradicate poverty and maximize abundance
  • The challenges in his childhood
  • How he discovered who he was on a personal level
  • How he became passionate about helping ministries and churches and started his first business
  • How he identified his convictions and made sure he was congruent with his convictions
  • Your personal faith does not have to be communicated only in language
  • Release the fear and anxiety that you will do something wrong
  • God has grace for our mistakes
  • 3 ways you can get clarity

About ShawnQ

Shawn Quintero (known as ShawnQ) is a sales and leadership coach who specializes in helping experts easily attract and connect with high-paying dream clients so you can have more fun and grow your business without the ick, sleaze, and sales tricks of the past.

After landing loads of $50k+ clients, he developed his signature “Heck Yes! Sales” method. It combines his conversational expertise, talent for deeply connecting with the affluent and influential, and years of experience as a coach and mentor.

ShawnQ is the host of the Heck Yes! Podcast, speaks at summits, conferences, and panels, and has been featured across the globe as a leading expert in high-ticket sales.

When he’s not helping his clients attract and connect with dream clients, you can find him at spending time with his wife Adeola, or watching the latest Star Wars show

Connect with ShawnQ

Website–  www.HeyShawnQ.com

Social Media–  @HeyShawnQ (everywhere)

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