S4-E8- The Glow and Grace of God with Dr. Vanessa Jenkins

Have you ever met someone whose presence alone impacted you?  Sometimes just being in someone’s presence you can feel God’s presence through them. That was the case for my guest on the podcast this week, Dr. Vanessa Jenkins.

Dr. Vanessa Jenkins also professionally known as Dr. V serves as the Executive
Director of Health and Wellness at Norfolk State University. Also, the CEO and President
of Dr. V Solutions and Sentencing Options LLC. 

Her primary focus is to help people to realize through change anything is possible.  Dr. V is an award-winning international motivational speaker, trainer, and coach. One of Dr. V’s most requested speeches and workshops is ‘What’s Your “Y”.  She believes that knowing your Why is the answer to all our challenges, obstacles, and decisions in life.

Dr. V resides in Virginia Beach, Virginia where she enjoys traveling, working out, reading, and spending time with her grandchildren.

On this episode you will hear:

  • How God gives us everything that we need to succeed
  • How scripture helped her to stop second guessing what God was calling her to do
  • How faith and belief go hand in hand
  • How procrastination and fear played a role in distracting her from God’s path for her
  • How she decided to be bold about sharing her faith on her business platform
  • How God instructed her to do things differently in her industry
  • How God told her, “Do what I say and watch what I do!”

Connect with Dr. V on social media:

Instagram-  drvsolutions
Dr. V the “Y” Strategist

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