S4-E5- Standing on God’s Promises

When it comes to your business and your life, what are you standing on?  Are you standing on the ways of the world?  Are you standing on what you know?  Or are you standing on God’s promises?  

This week on the podcast, I chat with Dr. Ranelli Williams.  Ranelli is passionate about service and helping individuals create breakthrough in their lives and business. She is a
Certified Public Accountant, profit strategist, money breakthrough business coach, best-selling author, and award-nominated speaker, empowering service-based entrepreneurs to take control of their money as they work towards building a strong financial legacy.

In addition, Dr. Ranelli is Co-Founder with her husband, Eric Williams of ERJ Services, LLC, where in the main arm of that they help marketing agencies, consultants, and coaches gain clarity and confidence around their business finances so they are positioned to make strategic decisions that yield greater profits and exponential growth.



Dr. Ranelli also founded R.A.W. Legacy Solutions with the mission of providing mindset and money solutions and support to help Christian female professionals transitioning to full-time entrepreneurship increase cashflow and profits, so they can not only run the cash-rich and profitable businesses they care about, but also build a debt-free legacy and generational


On this episode you will hear:

  • How she was exposed to entrepreneurship at an early age
  • How she had an example of turning a side hustle into a full-time business
  • How she grew up in the church
  • How she was able to accept Christ for herself
  • In order to be authentic she had to freely express her faith
  • How she felt called to be an author
  • How the Spirit guided her to start a community
  • How God calls and equips you for what He wants you to do
Be sure to connect with Ranelli on social media at:

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