S4-E3- Building Beyond Your Backyard with Stevii Mills

We live in such a connected world, it’s easy to jump on Zoom and connect with someone half way around the world and that’s why when thinking about building a business we can think about it on a much larger scale than just a local business.    

Are you building a local or global business?  This week on the podcast I chat with Dr. Stevii Mills.  We chat all about how she started to think about building beyond her own backyard.

Dr. Stevii Mills holds a unique and valuable space in the world – she loves God, business and people – she is a rare combination of expertise, compassion and high-energy,
integral work ethic. 

She is well known for her southern drawl, loving her parents and being a gifted communicator and connector. After many years of fervently running from her natural flare and ability to bring the “BOOM!” to the room, Stevii has come to realize that she is the It girl for teaching others how to be seen and heard. 

She is a strong advocate for there being no more hidden figures, no best kept secrets! Dr. Stevii’s teaches Christian Women Entrepreneurs how to use their knowledge and expertise to make money online.

On this episode you will hear:

  • How she never wanted to be in business
  • How her corporate job made her stressed and sick
  • How she built a six-figure business in the midst of the pandemic
  • How she started to know God for herself on a deeper level
  • Knowing the difference between relationship and religion
  • How she realized she was different in business when she wrote her first book, Cultivating Your It Factor

Be sure to connect with Stevii on:

website- www.workwithstevii.com   

social media at:

Facebook, Clubhouse, Instagram:


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