S4-E12- God’s Divine Connections and Direction with Brandi Bretthauer

God is always guiding and directing us in life and business by connecting us to the right people and the right opportunities.  Do you recognize when you are being guided and directed by God?  Have you experienced divine connections?     

This week on the podcast I chat with Brandi Bretthauer.  Brandi is a daughter of a King, wife, mom, and your Christian Mentor and Coach! She is deeply passionate about the mission Gods placed on her heart. She aims to create an impactful movement by revolutionizing how we sell and scale our businesses, with Jesus!

Whether she is coaching her clients or speaking, You can be assured she will deliver an abundance of faith and love.

She helps successful Christian entrepreneurs experience more faith, freedom, and abundance. This is done by helping you become filled with faith, work from a place of rest, and scale with Jesus!

On this episode you will hear:

  • How her business journey has been a wild, faith-filled adventure
  • How God gave her the words “Faith and Business”
  • How she suffered through several miscarriages as she was trying to build her business
  • How she had a challenging pregnancy
  • How she was spiritually broken
  • How her early encounter with religion was very strict and felt judgmental
  • How she got a message from her grandmother in a dream that really convicted her
  • How God rewards obedience and faith
  • How God instructed her that she didn’t have to market, she just needed to share a word
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Igniting Faith: Scale with Jesus for Influence, Impact, & Income

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