S4-E11- Wearing Your Faith on Your Sleeve with Yvette Walker

Are you open about your faith on your business platform?  The decision to be open or not to be open is different for everyone.  However, the women that I interview for the Women Faith + Business Podcast have been called to openly share their faith on their business platform.

This week on the podcast I chat with Yvette Walker about wearing your faith on your sleeve.  Yvette is the host of the Positively Joy podcast and founder of Positively Joy Ministries at positivelyjoy.com. 

She published the life lesson-filled devotional “Whispering in His Ear” and its companion study and discussion guide in 2021. She manages a Facebook Community group along with
other social media related to her ministry. 

Yvette is a former journalist and also is an educator, Dean of Students at Gaylord College at the University of Oklahoma. She is a director-at-large for the national board of the Society of
Professional Journalists. 

She has been inducted into the Oklahoma Journalism Hall of Fame. She has been a newspaper editor, a news ombudsman, a reporter, and a podcaster and has supervised online content management systems for two websites. She is a native of Chicago and now lives in Oklahoma.


On this episode you will hear:

  • How God presents opportunities
  • How God gave her the topic of her podcast
  • Understanding the true nature of what joy is
  • How her podcast turned into a community and ministry
  • How she received breakthroughs when she attended a retreat
  • Being obedient even when you don’t know what it looks like
  • How she had a steady faith journey
  • How she became not just a believer in God, but a seeker of a deeper relationship with God
Connect with Yvette on Social:

IG: positivelyjoypodcast
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