S3-E7 When you yield to God there is JOY in the Journey with Nicole Carter

We are always looking for joy in everything we do; however, we must learn that joy comes in the journey. Our experiences, our processes, our trials and tribulations, our situations and circumstances are all required to receive joy. Let it also be understood that going through those times in our lives is easier when we have yielded to God’s will.

My guest this week is Nicole Carter and she explains how we find joy in the journey by yielding to God.

On the episode you will hear:

• How to translate what God has given you into an actual business

• The mission attached to the message

• How we experience far more ups than downs when we give our lives to God

• How yielding your business to God allows it to flow

• Don’t give up on the mission in your down moments

• Through faith God shows you when to make a huge step


NICOLE CARTER, The Ultimate J.O.Y. Leader, is known as the thermostat that changes the climate of any room. Her contagious smile illustrates the vision that God wants for everyone–true JOY. Nicole is an award-winning speaker through Toastmaster International. She is a middle school CTE(career and technical education) teacher with an extensive business, education, and presentation background. She spent 20 years as a leader at a Fortune 200 corporation while teaching as an adjunct professor at local community colleges.

She has a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and a Master’s of Business Administration. She is an author of a unique series of fictional books, an educator of educators, and a life-changing speaker.


Facebook: Facebook.com/EstablishingJOY1

Instagram: Instagram.com/Establishing_JOY

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