S3-E6- How your faith can be approachable, subtle, and impactful with Laura K. Roland

Being authentic is trending at the present time for many industries. However, we as a society struggle with the idea of authenticity. The idea of being yourself should not be a struggle in any instance, but somewhere along the journey it was encouraged or taught or expected to be more than or less than who you are. This is why it is a struggle for many. Using the gifts that God gave you allows you to be just who you are. Your faith in God creates opportunities for great impact being just who you are.

My guest Laura K. Roland shares more on this episode.

In this episode you will hear:

• Never be afraid to have a conversation you never know what it will lead to

• How her need for community started her current business

• How to be authentic by using the gifts that God has given you

• How the goal of her events is to have women feel known, seen, and loved

• The power of an intercessory and spontaneous praying

• How a low moment can lead to something even better

• The true definition of obedience


Laura is a cradle Catholic. She and her husband of 31+ years have 3 children recently adding an amazing son-in-law and beautiful daughter-in-law to their ever-growing family. A former Catholic educator, she co-founded Encounter Grace, a Catholic Christian women’s ministry that offers online and in-person events for women who want to grow in their faith, making deep, abiding connections, journeying together to sainthood! In addition to running Encounter Grace, Laura is a speaker and writer, retreat leader, strategist, and mentor. Topics that are near and dear to her heart center around living an authentic life in the faith, cultivating a prayer life, and encouraging women & men to tell their stories about their lives in the faith-both the beautiful and the messy parts.








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