S3-E15- 7 Key Lessons from Season 3 of the Women Faith + Business Podcast

We have discussed many times how entrepreneurship is an ongoing journey of highs and lows, joy and frustration, excitement and sadness, etc. If you have experienced the best of emotions it is a given that you have experienced the opposite of them as well along the journey. However, those that continue on the journey tend never to regret any parts of the journey. Most of us learn more about and grow our relationship with God during the journey and almost all of us found a way to incorporate our faith into our business. We have shared and overcome a multitude of lessons along the way. I have compiled some of the lessons we discussed this season to share with you on this episode of the Women faith and Business Podcast.

In this episode you will hear:

The Top 7 lessons for Season 3 of the Women Faith + Business Podcast

– How you integrate your faith and your business is a personal decision that should be led by the Holy Spirit

– When you yield to God there is J.O.Y. in the entrepreneurial Journey

– How R.E.S.T is a powerful business strategy

– Your calling is important, needed, and necessary so be intentional about your calling

– Stay true to the path that God has put you on

– Be content in the ups and downs of your business because there is purpose in it all

– This is a journey that we are forever on so we have to give ourselves GRACE

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