S3-E13- When God puts you on the path that He wants you on with Candace Woods

One of the biggest questions we have to answer about our life is ‘Where are you going?” This question can be answered as simply as to the grocery store or as in-depth as to save the homeless. Either way, the ultimate answer should be in alignment with whatever path God has placed you. When we are in alignment with God’s will our steps are ordered.

In this episode you will hear:

• How seeking fulfillment made her stumble into entrepreneurship and business ownership

• How God closes doors when guiding you on your path

• How she stepped out on faith to do business full-time

• How she was introduced to faith and business by her life coach

• Learning how to be a good steward of the resources and strategies and people that God placed in her path

• How your pain leads you to a deeper relationship with God


Deemed The Mindset Architect, Candace B Woods is the founder of Destiny University, a business academy for Kingdom entrepreneurs to learn how to build their businesses on the principles of God.

As a Mindset Business Coach, she is determined to help other Believers in business design, plan, and develop a compelling vision for their life and business, elevate their mindset, and begin to see themselves through the eyes of God. Through her coaching, Candace’s clients are taught how to self-publish books, create coaching programs, and establish speaking platforms that allow them to use their pain for purpose and more importantly, advance the Kingdom of God.

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