S3-E12- Having the Courage to step into who God called you to be and who He called you to serve with Monique Head

So many of us are afraid to be obedient to the Holy Spirit which causes us to avoid and/or delay what God has in store for us. We justify the action or nonaction of the disobedience by telling ourselves and others that God and/or our faith has no place in the marketplace. This mentality hinders our growth and success. Monique talks about how your belief can manifest the high points of your business and how God uses anybody to do His work. The only requirement from you is obedience and courage.

In this episode you will hear:

• How she created her first product after being fired from her job

• How her mom told her that it’s only what you do for God that counts

• How she felt called to fill a gap in the marketplace by talking about feminine allure for Christian black women

• How God can use anybody to do His work in the marketplace

• How she equips women with the spiritual tools and the strategies so ultimately they are advancing God’s Kingdom and getting what they want

• Being obedient to being Spirit-led to what God is calling you to do in the marketplace

• How her belief manifested the high points in her business


Monique Head is a Detroit native and graduated from the University of Michigan and Saint Louis University School of Law. She lives in St. Louis, Missouri with her husband and their two daughters.

While in law school, Monique became fascinated with Feminine Influence™. As a young woman, she went through the typical struggles of dating good men, and not-so-good men. Over time, her interest developed into a passion, until she realized it was her calling.

After thoroughly refining the component parts of Feminine Influence™, she began teaching what she’d learned to women in her community. Their results were so positive that Monique intensified her work.

Today, Monique is a femininity educator committed to providing black Christian women with the insights and skills they need to find the lifelong loving relationships they desire. Her spiritual, faith-focused approach couples tough love with good vibes.

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