S2-E7- Have the Faith to Walk in Obedience with Tasha-Glover

About this episode

Being obedient to what God is calling you to do is the number one success strategy for women of faith in business, but it’s not always easy to be obedient when God is calling you to step outside your comfort zone, or to do something unusual, but the benefits of being obedient will be well worth it!

On this episode I chat with Tasha Glover all about having the faith to walk in obedience and how ROO (Return on Obedience) is greater than RIO (Return on Investment)!

On this episode you will hear:

  • Her radical call to entrepreneurship
  • The dream that changed everything for her
  • How she discovered to wait on the lord and know that He is the Source
  • How her business clarity came from her intimacy with God
  • How God was using her to be an example in the marketplace
  • How God gives us the ideas, strategies, and methods to market our business
  • The importance of giving God the glory and having a testimonial for what God has done in your business

About Tasha Glover

Tasha is a wife of 11 years and a homeschooling Mom of 3 kiddos. Her mandate is to restore originality and creativity back to the body of believers.  She accomplishes this in
the marketplace through strategy, leading experiences, mentoring, and teaching.  Her heart is to usher entrepreneurs into their own original experiences and encounters with Holy Spirit so they understand they can hear God, believe what they hear, and have a clear mandate and strategy to reach their destiny. She is Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur Certified and leads a team of spirit-led creatives at Tech with Tasha, a branding and digital marketing company. 

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FB/IG @techwithtasha

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