S2-E10- The Power of Prayer and Agreement with Lavinia Marshall

About this episode:

We are taught to create a plan and map out our lives. We go to school, get a job, get married, start a family, etc. Sometimes, it just does not work out that way! Our plans feel like a complete waste of time and like we have failed.

But isn’t it great that God says different! If only the biggest part of our plan was to get in alignment with God’s plan for our lives.


On this episode you will hear:

  • How she always felt like she was going to be in business for herself
  • How the power of prayer and agreement saved her life and saved her daughter’s life
  • How not getting an opportunity caused her to start her own business
  • How as people of faith we can make income and impact, and we can make money and make a difference
  • Her journey to being open about her faith in the marketplace

About Lavinia Marshall

Whether on stage or facilitating a workshop, Lavinia has helped and inspired thousands of people to grow forward in their careers, businesses, and relationships. Her message resonates with those who feel stuck, executives struggling with transition, and leaders who want to build high-functioning teams. As a trailblazer and entrepreneur, she broke color barriers as the owner of the first multi-ethnic salon in the local area. Lavinia lives in the Metro Atlanta area with her husband David Marshall, a former NFL player, and her children. She is the owner of Pinnacle Biz Group and the founder of Totally You and Totally You 2 Next Gen, where she serves the next generation of female leaders.

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