EP 9- In the Presence of God with Kelly Baader


Kelly Baader is a renowned Digital Sales and Marketing Strategist, Certified Business Coach, Mentor to emerging entrepreneurs, Keynote Speaker, Host of Christian CEO Podcast, author of an Amazon Bestseller – A Little Girl Called Grace, and the founder of The Christian CEO University.

From a humble background, Kelly had to overcome insurmountable odds since her childhood to achieve the success she enjoys today.  That includes surviving from sexual abuse at her teens for over a decade, overcoming cultural male-male-dominated corporate career (such as no ladies room built in at Executive Floor), to countless objections in the entrepreneurial journey because of her non-non-English accent.  Kelly has coached and consulted purpose-driven entrepreneurs and organisation leaders over 5 continents to design profitable businesses that make impactful changes over four continents since 2008.

Kelly is happily married, has two lovely children, and after travelling the globe, she and her family have now settled in Switzerland with their well-travelled Labrador.

On this episode of the Women Faith + Business Podcast you will hear:

  • how success is not waking up and having the courage to do it
  • how client transformation is more important than your own results
  • how the belief that if you ask for it you can have it creates success in life and business
  • what it feels like to feel the presence of God
  • how when you have communion with God you will receive answers and direction

Ways to connect with Kelly:


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