EP 4- The Power of Hearing God’s Voice with Grace Gladys Famoriyo

Grace Gladys Famoriyo

Grace is an award-winning author and transformational coach with over two decades of experience of transforming the lives of women. Her current passion is using her vast writing and publishing mastery to help people, in particular women, create services and products from their skills,passions, talents, expertise and life experiences. She achieves this through her Online Academy. 

Grace is a prolific, inspirational writer. Her books include Overcoming Emotional Baggage: A Woman’s Guide to Living the Abundant Life, Healing a Discouraged Heart: Getting Back on Track When Life Lets You Down, Bounce Back! How To Survive, Thrive and Maximise Challenging Life Situations. One Minute Tonic For The Heart and Great Covers Sell Books.

Grace is the founder of a non-profit called Wellness In The Cities, which has a vision
of helping people bounce back and experience emotional and mental wellness.

Grace was appointed to serve as a Justice of Peace/Magistrate in 2015. She now 
sits as a magistrate in both Adult and Family Courts. Grace also mentors aspiring and new magistrates.

On this episode of the Women Faith + Business Podcast you will hear:

  • The importance of your overall well-being
  • The importance of having a strong and positive mindset grounded in the word of God
  • Using what God has already put in your hand
  • Having the confidence and boldness to step out
  • The importance of listening to the spoken and unspoken to hear God's voice
  • Why she changed her name from Gladys to Grace
  • The power of positive words, declarations, and affirmations
  • God is the greatest strategist
  • How to slay in your lane

Ways to connect with Grace Gladys Famoriyo:

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