E 11- Supernatural Encounters with God with Clestine Herbert

Clestine, the Purpose Coach wakes up every morning with an infectious passion to help women around the world be the unique, bold and successful woman that resides within each of us.  She is an International Transformation Speaker, Certified Personal Development and Leadership Coach, Author of several books, including her 2nd book, The Art of Convincing Yourself and developer of several proprietary business building programs including her signature program called The Souled Out Method.  She’s run a quarter of a million-dollar organization, been on international TV, radio and featured in several magazines. Her turning point was when she got laid off from her engineering job of 8 years—on her birthday!

Living her dream since 2003, she helps multi-gifted, faith-led, heart-centered business and career women build authentic, successful businesses.  She is passionate about speaking and about helping women be confident in their purpose by redefining how they show up in the world and by getting them clear on their soul (core) message so they can attract the clients that want to work with them.  She hosts her own business transformation conferences, one of which is called Souled Out, The Event, and facilitates coaching masterminds to elevate growth in each woman.

On this episode of the Women Faith + Business Podcast you will hear:

  • how following your skillset is not always the best move, sometimes its passion
  • why you should shine in whatever you do
  • that elevating your self-image is a great first step in entrepreneurship
  • how finding your niche places you in a more powerful & strategic position in your business
  • understanding your faith journey is not that of others
  • how the power of faith moves you to experience things you normally would not
  • why your business is a vehicle to reach those that God has called you to reach

To connect with Clestine visit www.TalkToClestine.com to schedule a free consultation with her.

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