3 Powerful Types of Email Marketing You Can Use to Grow Your Business (Part 3 )

 3 Powerful Types of Email Marketing You Can Use to Grow Your Business (Part 3 )

In this post I will be sharing the third and final powerful type of email marketing you can use to grow your business.  If you missed the other posts in this series, be sure to check out:  Part 1-  Announcement Emails ,  Part 2-  Autoresponder Emails and today’s post is all about Part 3- Automation Emails.

Automation is an advanced email marketing strategy that not a lot of companies are using or using it effectively because it can be difficult to set-up, but once it’s set-up correctly, it can do wonders for your business.

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So how exactly does Automation work?  Well, Automation is very similar to Autoresponders because they are a series of emails based on an action, however, automation is more advanced because it creates an automated workflow for your emails.  They system tells your emails what to do based on the action or inaction of your prospect.

For example, if a prospect opens the first email they move to step 2 in the workflow, if they click on a link, they may move to another step, etc.  everyone’s experience with the workflow will be different based on the action that they take, so automation is very much driven by what action the person takes with your emails, each action or inaction results in moving them to the next step of the workflow sequence.

An automation campaign or workflow is unique and can pretty much be customized to whatever you desire.  Some workflows can be so advanced that once someone opens an email or clicks on a link it can trigger offline activities like a phone call or sending something in the mail.

Thinking through every action that your prospect could possibly take and the necessary steps after each action is why automation can be time consuming because of all the details that have to be worked out for each campaign.

However, once the details are determined and the workflow is set-up then automation can work wonders for your business, it’s like having a sales person and customer service team working behind the scene on your behalf to generate sales.

Not all email service providers offer this feature, but most are starting to provide this level of automation for their clients.

So what can you do with Automations?

  1.  Encourage prospects to complete a purchase
  2. Keep customers coming back
  3. Lead nuturing
  4. Notify sales team of hot leads

The list is endless of the types of automation workflow you can set up for your business, each workflow should end with the opportunity to work with your further.

Here is a workflow example from the Email Service Provider GetResponse:

workflowWhen you combine a strategy of announcement emails, autoresponders, and automation, then you have 3 powerful types of email marketing campaigns that you can use in your business.

Are you using automation in your email marketing strategy?  If so, how is it working for you?  Comment below and share your experience with marketing automation.

If you’re thinking about using email marketing in your business, or you are currently using email marketing, be sure to download your amazing email marketing checklist.

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