The 3 C’s of Amazing Social Media Marketing Success

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Social media has become a major part of many people’s lives.  In fact, with the rise of popular social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat, many people are using these networks to stay connected to family, friends and the world at large. 

In addition, many businesses have seen an opportunity to reach their target audience on these popular social networks.  With so many people gathering on social networks, adding social media to a company’s marketing mix can allow the company to reach an online audience, amplify its message, and gain brand awareness.

However, as a business, it is important to have plan when using social media as a part of your marketing mix.  To learn more about creating a social media marketing plan, be sure to check out the blog post, The Secret to Successful Social Media Marketing

In addition to creating a Social Media Marketing Plan, you have to be sure to pay attention to the 3 C’s to Amazing Success with Social Media Marketing.

Check out the video and blog post below to learn more…

The 3 C’s of Amazing Social Media Marketing Success include:

  1. Connections

    No matter what social media network you use, one of the main reasons you are on social media is to makes connections.  As a business owner it is important to make sure that you are making quality connections on social media.  Connections with potential clients, prospects, partners, etc.  be sure you are connecting with individuals who will be interested in your business and what you have to say.  

  2. Conversations

    Social media allows you to have conversations.  As a business owner you can use your social media networks as market research by simply asking your followers or fans key questions that can help you decide what their needs are.  If content is king on social media, then think about conversations as the queen.  You need both the king and the queen to play the game of social media marketing.  Be sure what you share on your social networks create conversations.  A good rule of thumb is to have about 80% Educational or Entertaining content and on 20% promotion.

    [Tweet “If content is king on social media, then think about conversations as the queen. #SMARKETING”]

  3. Conversion

    One of the major differences between using social media for business and using social media for personal reasons is conversion.  The goal of using social media for a business is to convert your fans or followers to leads, contacts, email subscribers, and eventually prospects and customers.  That is why it is important to have strong call to actions on your social media networks that encourage individuals to subscribe to your blog or your email list.

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to check out the video to learn the Bonus C that I shared in the video.

Also, be sure to download 21 Things You MUST do in Order to Get Amazing Results from Your Social Media Marketing! which gives you more insight and inspiration on how to use Social Media Marketing in your business.  Plus, enjoy additional marketing tools, tips and tools right in your inbox!  





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