S4-E7- Working from a Place of Rest with Charissa Quade

In the business world we are programmed to think that we must hustle and grind to grow our businesses, but as believers, God has instructed us to work from a place of rest.  

What does working from a place of rest mean to you?  I explore this topic with my guest, Charissa Quade, this week on the podcast.  

Charissa is a Biblical Money Mindset Coach and Speaker, from Change Your Finances. She helps Christian Female Entrepreneurs who grew up believing mindsets including making money as a Christian is bad, money is an idol, and it’s better to sell all you have to give to the poor.

By leveraging what the Bible actually says about money and business, Charissa is on a mission to see 10,000 Christian Female Entrepreneurs overcome toxic money mindsets and become profitable business owners. 

Because when they do, they will greatly impact their clients, families, and communities for generations to come, for God’s kingdom.

On this episode you will hear:

  • How she was able to pay off her debt
  • How she started to apply Biblical principles to her money mindset
  • How she shifted from a career to a calling of helping others with their money mindset
  • How she grew up with the Word of God
  • How God restored her and bought so much healing to her life
  • How she couldn’t separate her business and her faith
  • How God told her to build her business from a place of rest
Connect with Charissa:

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