S4-E4- God’s Best Plan for Your Business with Cassie Kitzmiller

Many times we have a plan for our lives and our businesses.  We do all the right things, we follow the plan and then something happens that disrupts our plan and makes us realize that our plan is not aligned with God’s best plan for us. So we have to surrender our plan, and align with God’s best plan for our lives and businesses.

This week on the podcast I chat with Cassie Kitzmiller.  We chat all about how she shifted paths several times to align with God’s best plan for her.  

Cassie Kitzmiller is a mom to 3, wife of one for 14 years, and daughter of the King for eternity.  She is devoted to serving women of faith to build their businesses through the power of the cross and connecting the body of Christ.

On this episode you will hear:

  • How she was born to be an entrepreneur
  • God’s BEST plan for you may not be what you envisioned
  • How she moved from “head” knowledge to “heart” knowledge in her faith
  • The journey of knowing Jesus as a person
  • How God can use people to guide us
  • How God supernaturally opens doors
  • How God gave her the business plan for Christian Women Business Builders
  • Just because it doesn’t make sense doesn’t mean it’s not for us
  • Partnering with other believers in the body of Christ despite your differences
  • Divine collaborations and spirit-led partnerships
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