S2-E9- Invite God into Your Business with Lori Manns

About this episode:

Sometimes in life God allows something that seems like a set back to happen in order to set you up for the next BIG thing that He has for you!  

And that is exactly what happened to my guest on Episode 9 of the podcast, Lori Manns, when she was downsized from her corporate job is was just what she need to set her up on her entrepreneurial journey.  

On this episode you will hear:

  • How a corporate downsizing led her to realize that God wanted her to be moved and repositioned
  • How all you need is a mustard seed size of faith to do what God is calling you to do
  • How her faith has sustained her as an entrepreneur
  • How prayer and seeking God for your next best move helps to move your business along further and faster
  • The importance of inviting God to be the pilot of your business
  • Why she decided to be open about her faith on her business platform
  • Why she couldn’t be a closet Christian on her public platforms
  • The things that she did to build up her faith muscle

About Lori Manns

Lori A. Manns is a marketing and sales expert with extensive experience in the media industry. Manns is the founder and president of Quality Media Consultant Group, a business consultancy firm specializing in media, marketing and sales strategies helping entrepreneurs and business entities experience increased clientele, brand visibility and more revenue. Known as a trailblazing business strategist, Lori’s expertise and first passion is sales. She helps entrepreneurs, leaders and small business owners to grow their brands and businesses by utilizing magnetic marketing strategies and soulful, yet strategic sales solutions

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Lori Manns

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