S2-E3- When God puts SUPER on your Natural with Eboni Truss

About this episode:

Did you know that you were created for greatness and everything you need to succeed already resides in you?  God has given each one of us the right characteristics, personality, skillset, abilities, talent and gifts, but the struggle lies in understanding who God created us to be instead of becoming like the world.  

In this episode, I chat with Eboni Truss about her faith and business journey and the importance of knowing who you are called to BE. Eboni is SUPER high energy and a GREAT example of what it looks like to be in partnership with Holy Spirit. It was a GREAT conversation with lots of gold nuggets:

On this episode you will hear:

  • How entrepreneurship can be a part of your spiritual DNA
  • What happens when God gives you the GO!
  • Getting your business instruction from God and not industry Gurus
  • How you can be a success at something God did not call you to do
  • How God has a blueprint for your business based on who you BE
  • How she stopped doing business despite God and started doing it with God
  • The pivotal point of her faith journey that made her shift
  • What living B.I.G. really means
  • The importance of shifting from BECOMING to BEING
  • How God lives outside of our comfort zone

About Eboni Truss:

A wife, mom, sister-friend, and full time entrepreneur, Eboni L. Truss gets her “jollies” from seeing you grow in God and in your relationship with God. Known as the Mentor to Believers in Business, Eboni is committed to using her gifts to help you to see “who you BE” and what that means for the marketplace. She is the leader of The SavedPreneur Society, a group of women believers in business who have chosen to partner with God and be Holy Spirit-led in their entrepreneurial pursuits. And, an “Equipper of People,” it is through her Prophetic Business Intensives and Unbecoming:
The Business Detox
, that she leads business owners toward understanding how
to live B.I.G. inside of the picture God sees for them. 

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