S2-E14 Know You Can Do All Things Through Christ with Danette Moss

About This Episode:

As entrepreneurs we find ourselves introduced to many opportunities that will grow our business and help others. However, we find that many times we carry just as much doubt about accomplishing our goals. Most times we are stuck which leads us to doubt the success of reaching our goals. We get stuck from perfectionism, we get stuck from lack of systems, we get stuck from fear to name a few. To overcome the doubt we have to get unstuck, to get unstuck we have to have faith and belief. In this episode, we explore how to get our SASS on!

In this episode you will hear:

  • How her parents influenced her to be an entrepreneur and business owner
  • How she had to overcome the spirit of perfectionism
  • When God tells you to do something, it keeps coming up and doesn’t go away, so clearly, He wants you to do it.
  • How she had to move from an on-site location to a home-based online business
  • How having systems in place allowed her to pivot easier in her business

About Danette Moss:

Danette is a Wife, Mother of 5, Grandmother of 4, author, speaker, coach, and serial Womenpreneur. She helps coaches and service-based women business owners who are juggling the demands of a hectic schedule to stop feeling guilty about not spending time with their loved ones while growing a successful business by creating systematic strategies for their businesses both on and offline, resulting in getting more clients, and increasing business profits. She helps you GetYourSASSOn™ in business. Just in case you’re wondering what SASS stands for, it stands for Strategic + Action + Signature + Systems in your business.

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