S2-E13- Lead with Expertise and Faith with Pearlina Simmons

About This Episode:

As Christian business owners, we sometimes struggle with how to express or share our faith in our business. We wonder is it ok to say God, are we talking about faith too much, are we not sharing enough, etc. Pearlina shares with us how to implement the coexistence of faith and expertise in your business.

In this episode you will hear:

  • How God called her to step out and take a leap of faith after 10 years of apprenticeship and journey
  • How she realized that God had given her different skillsets that enabled her to serve in different areas
  • How she helps companies to make their visions come alive through planning and execution
  • How Vision + Action = Success
  • How she prayers for her clients and her clients’ success
  • How she leads with her faith for her personal brand and leads with expertise for her business brand
  • How her faith has anchored her in business and in life
  • How the power of faith gives believers an advantage in the marketplace

About Pearlina Simmons:

Collaborating with Pearlina, companies and organizations launch new products and services, execute multi-million dollar projects, improve operations and define go-to-market strategies. All these smart growth strategies have one focus in common—creating exceptionally satisfying customer experiences. Since 2006, her knowledge, guidance and experience have helped startups, entrepreneurs, small businesses, nonprofits and ministries build scalable, sustainable and socially impactful companies and organizations. Always aware there are unexpected opportunities, Pearlina encourages her clients to push beyond limits to achieve their goals.

Pearlina completed the Forrester CX (Customer Experience) Professional Certification in 2020. In March 2017, she completed the certification training to become an Independent Coach, Trainer and Speaker with the John Maxwell Team. She earned her MBA with a focus on Finance, Strategy and Marketing in 2002. Pearlina’s book, Smart Growth Strategies for Your Faith-Powered Business was published in December 2019. She’s authored several e-books available on her website. 

When she’s not working, writing or acquiring new knowledge, Pearlina enjoys spending time with her husband of 18 years and their two young children. They are active in their church community and enjoy hanging out and watching movies together.

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