EP 7- The Courage to Take a Leap of Faith with Althea McIntyre

Althea McIntyre, CPA, MSOD, CPCC, a Corporate CPA turned Christ-Centered Business Coach who dared to trust God and become the visionary business leader God created her to be to fulfill her God-given purpose. She helps Christ-Centered Visionary Leaders who have a God-sized message to share with the world through their business, own their God-given gifts, monetize them, and grow profitable Spirit-led businesses to fully walk out God promises.

On this episode of Women Faith + Business Podcast you will hear:

  • how to determine if your ladder is on the wrong wall
  • the importance of your bookshelf
  • why we need to align our business with God’s will
  • how to operate as a CEO
  • the reason to do what God tells you to do
  • how you can serve as a business owner

Ways to connect with Althea:

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