EP 5- The Impact of Letting Your Light Shine with Kelly McCausey

Kelly McCausey got her start in 2002, as a single mom with one young son, she made graphics and websites for other home-based business owners. She worked hard and charged too little for her time.  Thankfully, she learned quickly there are smarter ways to build an income online.  

And for many years now, she no longer trades hours for dollars. She blogs, podcasts, designs, partners, creates information products, runs membership programs, holds live retreats and coaches others to get where they want to be in an online business.

On this episode of the Women Faith + Business Podcast you will hear:

  • How she moved from not getting one client for her business, to shifting to successfully getting clients and growing her business
  • How she said goodbye to her day job to work at home online full-time
  • How she used her skillset and gifting to start a business
  • How recognizing other people’s needs and knowing what you’re good at can be the start of a successful business
  • How she was able to pay off for her debt with her side business
  • The struggle to identify her calling and making sure it wasn’t work of the flesh
  • How one person letting her light shine impacted Kelly and led her to a relationship with Christ
  • How she let go of judgement and leaned in to what God called her to do

Ways to connect with Kelly:

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