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S7-E3- A Faith-filled Adventure with Kellee Williams

On this episode you will hear:

  • How when you are going with God’s flow your business can’t be hindered, stopped, or blocked
  • The impact of the spirit of comparison
  • The power of prayer
  • How you can be overt and covert with your faith in business depending on your season
  • The importance of understanding your unique ability
  • How Kellee understood the assignment
  • How knowing you’re in alignment with God’s assignment for your business is that you have peace in your life
  • How Kellee coaches her clients on peace, productivity, and profit
  • The importance of the pausing, praying and listening to God’s voice and operating in obedience for alignment
  • Alignment is demonstrated with progress (affirmation, confirmation, etc. )


Kellee is a Lifestyle Management Coach who has been supporting women in business since 2012. Currently as a coach and mentor for coaches, she creates safe spaces for female coaches to explore how to create impeccable impact by managing marriage, motherhood, and ministry in the marketplace while growing thriving Kingdom Driven businesses.




Facebook: Kellee Thatch Williams

Instagram: @just_kellee

LinkedIn: Kellee C Williams

YouTube: @justkellee

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5 Powerful Faith-based Business YouTube Channels

YouTube University is definitely a thing! If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about something online you’ve probably Googled it or searched for it on YouTube. When I want to learn more about faith and business and how to increase my faith and my business, I turn to key YouTube channels that are a wealth of information about Biblical business principles. In this week’s post, I’m sharing 5 of those channels with you:

1. Myron Golden

I’ve followed Myron Golden for almost a year now. I participated in his online Make More Offers Challenge and I also attended his in-person event in Tampa, FL. He teaches business from a biblical perspective and has the unique ability to simplify business and go deep on the connection between business and the Bible. The purpose of his channel is to empower entrepreneurs and encourage them to the great heights that cannot come from anywhere else.

2. Marshawn Evans Daniels

Marshawn was one of the first individuals who I saw combine faith and business online. She is unapologetic about her faith and her business and teaches on a level that allows you to understand God’s Word on a deeper level. She is a powerhouse in business and has anointing in teaching God’s Word. She is a TV Host, Reinvention Strategist for Women + Millionaire Business Mentor who helps you turn ideas into income and faith into action.  She is also the founder of the #Godfidence Movement.

3. Faith First Business with Susan Fleming

Faith First Business with Susan Fleming equips leaders to multiple L.I.F.E. (Legacy, Impact, Freedom, and Energy) without burning out. This channel equips you with God’s timeless principles for working with ease. Business was never intended to be toxic. Susan shows you how you can work less hours and be significantly more impactful for those you are called to serve.

4. Kelly Baader

Kelly Baader is the founder of Christian CEO Learning Hall. Her channel is all about helping YOU-the Kingdom Entrepreneur/Christian Entrepreneur to improve your sales mindset and accelerate profit growth to the next level.

5. Buki Ekeowa

Buki Ekeowa is a full time entrepreneur who loves God and loves business. If you love business, believe in creating wealth for the greater good and living a full and abundant life through Christ then this channel is for you.


Be sure to check out my YouTube channel where I occassionally share videos and livestream all about women faith and business.

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10 Powerful Faith-based Business Podcasts (UPDATED)

I always enjoy learning more about combining my faith and business, so I’m always looking for books and podcast that I can read and listen to that can help me to grow in both areas. 

Last week I shared 5 powerful faith-based business books, this week I’m sharing some of my favorite faith-based business podcasts that can impact your life and your business. Be sure to share the faith-based business podcasts that have impacted you in the comments below: 

UPDATE:  After publishing this post, I realized that there are several faith-based business podcasts that I left off the list that are important and impactful, so I’m revising the list to include 5 additional podcast, see below for the additions to the list:

I’ve been listening to the CFE podcast for many years and I always enjoy the content shared by the host Amos Johnson.  It’s a 10-minute daily audio podcast that teaches the Word of God from an entrepreneurial perspective, allowing you to develop the foundation of faith to succeed in your entrepreneurial calling. I enjoy how Amos  breaks down the Word of God in practical ways and makes it easy to understand and apply these faith-based principles to business. 

I’ve listened to the KDE podcast for many years. The format changed recently from the original host, Shae Bynes to a panel-style podcast where members of the Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur team share about various faith-based topics. Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur’s mission is to inspire, teach, mentor, and advise Christ-following entrepreneurs who desire to do business in partnership WITH God, so they can experience His best and have a greater Kingdom impact in the marketplace. They envision a community of thriving entrepreneurs with businesses that serve as a sign and wonder to the world; full of the goodness, grace, and power of Jesus Christ.

The Gifted Entrepreneur Show is a fairly new faith-based podcast. I’ve listened to several episodes and have enjoyed the enthusiasm and energy of the host LaDondra Harvey. The podcast will inspire you to take bold steps, believe in your unique gifts, and pursue your entrepreneurial dreams with unwavering faith. It focuses on how to create generational wealth God’s way and helps you realize your potential as a gifted entrepreneur.

I’ve started listen to this podcast since last year and have enjoyed the content that the host Stefanie Gass shares. This podcast is rated top 25 business podcasts for Christian women who want to grow their online business. She teaches Christian women how to:

  • Grow their business without having to be on social media 24/7
  • Start a podcast so they can grow an audience in less time
  • Make money from their podcast using a course or coaching offer
  • Grow spiritually as a Christian Entrepreneur

I couldn’t put a list together for faith-based business podcast without including my own podcast. The mission of the Women Faith + Business Podcast is to showcase the stories of women of faith in business who are not only using their businesses to make a difference in the world but are using their business platforms to glorify God. Hear about the ups, downs, and in-betweens of their business journeys and faith journeys.

What’s your favorite faith-based business podcast?  Be sure to share in the comments below:

I’ve been listening to Kelly Baader’s Christian CEO Podcast for several years.  I always enjoy the podcast episodes and the unique way they promote short clips of the podcast on her YouTube channel.  The Christian CEO Podcast  is a premier Business Podcast for Christian Entrepreneurs & Kingdom Leaders.  The interviews shared are raw & real entrepreneurial journey that showcases what it truly takes to climb over your mountains. Plus the practical and actionable steps you can take RIGHT NOW to move closer towards the success you desire for!

The Move to Millions Podcast is my go to podcast for inspiration and movitation to move my business to millions with a biblical mindset.  The podcast was created to help millions-minded entrepreneurs navigate the journey to the million dollar mark with grace and ease instead of hustle and grind. Dr. Darnyelle Jervey Harmon shares solo insights, powerful interviews and business growth strategy to help you make and move millions.

I’ve listened to this podcast several times as Kristin Dronchi redefines faith and online business to empower Christian Women to Rise & Stand Firm so they can grow their business, find their voice, clarify their calling, make impact and money.  In this podcast, Kristin,shares:

  • Her personal journey and struggles from employee to entrepreneur
  • Tactical business tips, spiritual and mindset strategies
  • How to grow and make sure you are in alignment with your assignment
  • How to organically grow fast utilizing and leveraging other people’s audiences.

    She encourages the Faith Filled Woman Entrepreneur to stand firm and use your voice to make a difference in the world.

  • I’ve been very involved in the Faith Driven Entrepreneur community and have participated in and led small groups for Faith Driven Entrepreneur.  FDE exists to encourage, equip, empower, and support Christ-following entrepreneurially-minded people worldwide with world-class content and community. I have listened to a few of the podcast episodes and enjoy hearing about entrepreneurship from a faith-driven entrepreneur perspective. 

    This is the only podcast on the list that I haven’t listed to personally, but I was it on a list of Top 25 Podcasts for Faith Driven Entrepreneurs.  Theology of Business is the show for marketplace Christians seeking to explore and apply God’s will for business. If you want to learn more about how to do business for the glory of God and shape culture through discipling the business world, this show is for you.

    What’s your favorite faith-based business podcast?  Be sure to share in the comments below:

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    5 Powerful Faith-based Impactful Business Books

    As believers in business, finding faith-based resources that can help for both your business and your faith is key. I enjoy listening to faith-based podcasts and reading faith-based business books. 

    This week on the blog I’m sharing 5 powerful faith-based business books that can impact your life and your business. Be sure to share the faith-based business books that have impact you in the comments below:

    This book starts of by questioning, “What Leads You?”, such a powerful question. Are you being led by coaches, gurus, and experts and not heeding to your inner guidance (the Holy Spirit)? Here are some key points from the book:

    • The first way God leads you is through His Word.
    • The second fundamental way God leads you is through His Holy Spirit
    •  God has already revealed to the Spirit all His wisdom and plans for you and your business. 
    • Sometimes God’s instructions through the Spirit makes no logical sense.
    • The Spirit should always be your #1 Business Advisor, Consultant, and Coach
    • Everything you do in business is all about your heart. It’s all about how you allow God to influence, impact and mold your heart for His glory.
    • You must trust what you hear through your inner knowing and not doubt
    • The Holy Spirit prompts you from the inside. The enemy tries to pressure you from the outside. Your inside must always override the outside voices with your inside Spirit.

    This books starts by stating that Jesus is the most effective marketer in history. Jesus has provided the greatest model for you to influence the world around you. It may be hard to think about Jesus as a “marketer”, but the strategies and concepts outlined in the book may help you to think differently. Here are key points from the book:

    • Marketers who influence like Jesus will restore what humanity is lacking or has lost altogether
    • By focusing on what people need deep down, not merely on the features of your product or service, people will begin to see the tremendous value you are creating 
    • Your influence will grow as you become more specific about who you are targeting 
    • It is impossible to target a group without studying and knowing its members 
    • Jesus considered every person as a potential beneficiary of what he was offering – not just his target group of Jewish outcasts. 
    • Be sure to think BIG while you are targeting SMALL 
    • Jesus kept his core message clear 
    • Logic affects thinking. Emotions affect behavior 
    • Public speaking was a massive part of Jesus’ marketing strategy 
    • For Jesus, marketing was a collaborative process that required a team effort and a shared vision 
    • The more you embody your message, staying true to your principles, the more effective you will become 
    • Marketing is a spiritual endeavor 
    • Like Jesus, we have an opportunity to market more than products and services. We have the privilege of spreading messages that can transform people’s lives.

    This book starts by defining a Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur as a person whose entrepreneurial endeavor is motivated by seeing an increase of the Kingdom of God on earth, and is propelled forward by seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. Some of the key points from the book include:

    • God is the Ultimate Chief Operating Officer
    • The Bible show us that to experience God’s best, we should be driven by the Kingdom of God and led by the Spirit of God
    • As a Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur, your ministry is business, and your business is ministry
    • The eternal impact is transformational impact on individuals, families, industries, and communities
    • The God of the Universe desires to have a personal and intimate relationship with you
    • Intimacy is everything and is the foundation of your operations as a Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur.
    • Your success is found in operating your business in both faith and obedience to God, empowered by Holy Spirit and motivated by love.
    • Radical faith and radical obedience is the lifestyle of a Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur and the key to success in Kingdom business
    • Heaven’s economy beats the world’s economy every single time
    • He is the source, and everything else is a resource
    • In the Kingdom of God, you’re not an owner. You are a steward (or manager) of what belongs to God.
    • The reality of what you do not see is greater than the reality of what you see
    • Whenever God extends an invitation to you, the answer should be “Yes Lord!”
    • God is not only interested in seeing the vision He placed on your heart for your business to thrive in service to others, but He also desires for you (and your family) to thrive as well

    The book starts off with the concept that in the world of entrepreneurship, hustle and grind is a celebrated way of life and how the hustle-and-grind culture works in opposition to Kingdom culture because it is not in alignment with the mindset, heart, and ways of Jesus Christ, the sovereign and ruling King of the Kingdom. Here are some key points from the book:

    • You don’t have to strive endlessly to make things happen with the dream God placed on your heart for your business. You simply need God’s empowering presence, and everything else will flow from there.
    • By God’s grace, you are able to do extraordinary things, have supernatural results, and make an eternal impact through your business
    • The grind is a spiritual stronghold
    • Allow God to reveal and to heal the areas in your soul operating against His best for your life and for your business
    • In God’s grace, there is access to heaven’s resources, divine strategies and insights, answers to seemingly impossible problems, His rest, unforced rhythm, and a level of favor that could only be orchestrated by Him
    • The most important meetings you can have in your business are the ones you have with God.
    • He’s the Source, everything and everyone is a resource
    • Make plans but yield them to God
    • Business meetings with God are not just about talking but about abiding and intentional listening.
    • I can trust that He will lead me to the opportunities that align with His purpose and plan for my life
    • You are a divine connection for others, and others are divine connections for you: these God-orchestrated connections are adders, multipliers, and often exponential multipliers for seeing the good works we have been called to come to fruition
    • You do not always reap where you sow, with whom you sow, or even how you sow, but you will surely reap what you sow.
    • His best, which exceeds all you can ever ask, think, or even imagine!
    • You’re most likely to see divine favor manifest in your life when you’re aligned with His purpose
    • God uses imperfect and unlikely people to accomplish extraordinary things. All He needs is a surrendered and willing heart
    • Eternal ROI refers to transformational impact and influence for the Kingdom of God in lives of others, your local community, or even in your industry.
    • Financial ROI refers to the profitability you are called to have the capacity to steward
    • Partner with God to advance His way of being and His way of doing things through the marketplace
    • In order to experience God’s best, you will have to embrace God’s process.
    • God will ultimately cause all things to work together for our good
    • God has called you to create with Him, not solely to respond to His instructions
    • You don’t have to do this. You get to do this!

    The book starts off by defining Faith Driven Entrepreneurs as men and women who are starting companies and building businesses with a belief in Jesus Christ and an understanding of themselves as beloved children of God as their core identity. The book goes on to explain what it takes to step into your purpose and pursue your God-given calling. Some key points from the book include:

    • God has a purpose and a plan for the entrepreneurial ventures his people are starting and growing all around the world
    • As people we are working to create, alongside the master Creator, businesses and enterprises that bring him glory through their mission, their return, and their practices.
    • Entrepreneurs have a unique opportunity to step into a purpose that is aligned with who God is and how God has made them.
    • Entrepreneurship provides a place where you get to commune with God through the creative process
    • The only way to experience life as an entrepreneur in the way God designed it is to place our entire identity in him and to view ourselves as stewards of whatever he has put in our hands.
    • Partnership demands ultimate transparency and vulnerability.
    • God’s wisdom and God’s plan are better than anything we could come up with
    • When we work, we feel God’s pleasure
    • In addition to honoring God by showing peace, gratitude, and thankfulness, we can also honor him in our diligence, perseverance, and faithfulness
    • Integrity comes from aligning our thoughts, words, and actions. And when we live lives of integrity — keeping our inner principles in line with our outward actions — we are living out the calling God has placed on our lives.
    • When we stop pretending like we have everything under control and start showing others the truth, our lives become a walking witness to the God we worship
    • The what of your business is less important than the why. And the why is so that God would be glorified in all of it.
    • Personal experience and story are two of the most powerful means of communication
    • The gospel has traveled around the world faster on the wings of business than it has even through apostolic effort.
    • Remember the skills, ambitions, and dreams you have are not accidental. God gave them to you!


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    7 online tools that 7 female CEOs are using to grow their businesses

    The following blog post content is from the She Thinks Like a CEO book now available on Amazon:

    In today’s business environment, technology is essential and can be the key to keeping your business afloat. By using technology, you can work smarter instead of harder, allowing you to focus on growing your business. Even if you’re new to the business world or looking to expand, the right technology can help you increase your earning potential.

    In this post discover 7 online tools that 7 female CEOs are using to grow their businesses.  

    1. Carol J Dunlop, The Online WOW! Strategist and 6X Amazon Best-selling author, influential podcast host recommends ActiveCampaign

    Email marketing is one of the most effective ways you can share your message, sell your services, and build a relationship with your clients. In fact, companies who send automated emails are 133% more likely to send relevant messages that correspond with a customer’s purchase cycle.

    Automated email campaigns account for 21% of email marketing revenue. 94% of Internet users use email. Therefore, marketing through email allows you to reach a great deal of Internet users even if they are not on social media. Furthermore, a survey found that an astounding 75% of adult online users say email marketing is actually their preferred marketing method!

    Carol recommends Active Campaign, an email marketing, marketing automation, sales automation, and CRM software platform for small-to-mid-sized businesses. Active Campaign gives you the email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM tools you need to create great customer experiences.

    2. Renee Coakley, an accomplished sales and marketing expert operating a six-figure business recommends Canva

    If you want your business to stand out from your competitors, then you need to add graphic design to your marketing strategies. 

    Canva is an online platform and app that has pre-made templates to help even a non-designer to easily create a variety of engaging graphics to share and use in their marketing.

    You might be saying, “But I’m not a designer.”

    You can design beautiful graphics in minutes, and it will be content that will encourage prospects to become customers. High-quality visuals increase viewer interaction and can accentuate your marketing efforts across all channels.

    3. Selena Teems, founder of Successful YOU!® and creator Indie Author Market recommends Facebook Groups

    As of January 2023, Facebook had 2.963 billion monthly active users, and Facebook Groups had 1.8 billion users. As of August 2022, there were over 10 million Facebook Groups.

    If you can think of a topic, there’s a Facebook Group for it. Facebook Groups are virtual places where people with common interests share concepts, ideas, and opinions, upload photos, post valuable content, engage in chat rooms, live streams and most importantly post their pain points in comments. Facebook Groups are a goldmine for business owners looking to make business connections.

    Do you struggle to get a regular flow of leads?
    Do you lack a budget to purchase paid advertising?

    You can accomplish two things at one time by joining Facebook Groups:
    1) You can establish yourself as an authority or thought leader, and
    2) You can make new connections.

    To start attracting leads, you must first become visible and add value to the group.

    4. Alicia Couri, co-founder and executive producer of Dreamaniac TV recommends Dreamaniac TV

    There is so much noise in almost every industry, and each business is vying for the same customer’s attention. How are you standing out from all the others?

    According to a survey by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, 47% of live-streaming video viewers worldwide are streaming more live video compared to a year ago.

    Do you know how popular live-stream video is? Whether you are an expert in your field or a best-kept secret with a product or service that people need to know about, professional video will next-level your brand. Videos help establish your credibility and allows consumers to trust your brand.

    Have you tried creating your own high-quality videos and can’t seem to get them right? You not only need a video strategy but also someone that can handle the tech and knows what works best for each platform.  Facebook reported that “people comment 10 times more on Facebook Live videos than on regular videos.”

    How much easier do you think sales and marketing would be if you had a done-for-you solution? Dreamaniac TV is your one-stop live-streaming solution with branding, marketing, promotion, and production of your live web show.

    5. Lori Mann, founder and president of Quality Media Consultant Group recommends video marketing

    Have you heard the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”? Imagine how much more a video can capture and express your message to help your business grow.

    It’s proven that using video generates 12 times more shares than text and images on social media platforms. Additionally, customers purchase products at an increased rate of 64% after watching video content.

    However, have you found it difficult to manage your video marketing or perhaps Facebook live broadcasts? Ever wondered how to utilize video effectively to create a strong marketing presence so you can build an audience and generate more sales?
    Video marketing has emerged as the leading marketing tool that all businesses must implement for success in the new millennium. Video marketing is poised to become one of your best sales outlets that can work for you 24/7, 365 days a year.

    These days, it is important to tap into the power of video marketing because it’s a proven method allowing you to reach more prospects, convert more clients, and also retain current clients. Video helps with client retention because content creation enables you to be viewed as an authority or an expert in your industry or niche. Your clients will get value from the video content you share if it covers topics that matter to them.

    6. Nadine Mullings, CEO of Nadine Mullings Marketing Agency and Founder of Women Faith + Business Community recommends Scheduling Tools

    Could you use a boost in your business productivity, state of mind, motivation, and happiness? I bet you could, and I’m sure your sales would increase too!

    Being disorganized can negatively impact your productivity by 77%, your state of mind by 65%, your motivation by 54%, and your happiness by 40% (as cited from several sources). 

    And that’s why getting organized in your business is so important and one of the key tools that can help you to get organized, keep focused, and save you time is an online scheduling software. 

    I’m sure you can relate to forgetting an appointment, not logging an event in your calendar, or playing phone tag back and forth with someone trying to coordinate schedules. Today, especially if you are a service-based business, consultant, or coach, the lifeline of your business is reliant on appointments and meetings. An online scheduling system provides you, your prospects, and your clients with an easy way to book appointments. I definitely recommend the all-inclusive tool to schedule appointments and your marketing activity.

    7. Tina R Bolden, Virtual Tax & Wealth Advisor at Bolden Tax Consulting recommends MileIQ

    You may be missing out on a large tax refund or not maximizing all the tax deductions available for your business!

    According to a 2017 report, manual mileage logging adds an average of 21 administrative hours annually per employee, stated on Mileage deduction is an ordinary and necessary business deduction (under section 162 of the Title 26, IRC Code).

    As a business owner, freelancer, or entrepreneur, there are tax deductions you can receive each time you use your car for business or administrative purposes.
    MileIQ users save around $7,124 per year, making this a great cost-saving app. The app itself is free for up to 40 drives each month.

    Without this app, you may be leaving valuable deductions on the table!

    Want to learn more about these tools and how they can help you in your business?  Be sure to join these female CEOs who are the authors of She Thinks Like a CEO for a LIVE discussion on Thursday,  August 31st at 11amET to learn more about the book and the tools! 

    And be sure to share the number one online business tool that you use and would recommend in the comments below:

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    4 Key Benefits of Spirit-led Marketing

    There are several benefits to being Spirit-led when it comes to your marketing.  In this blog post I will share 4 key benefits of Spirit-led Marketing.


    When you are being led by the Holy Spirit when it comes to marketing your business you are aligned with the will of God.  Being aligned with God allows you to experience
    ease and flow in your business.  It allows you to pick marketing strategies and tactics that align with the way that God designed you and designed your business, which allows you to shine and standout in the marketplace.  When you are in partnership with God things that may be hard are done with ease and grace.   


    One of the goals of your marketing is to create awareness for your business and/or brand and when you are being Spirit-led in your marketing you will create immediate awareness with the people that God has called you to serve.  They will become
    aware of your services and products by the prompting of the Holy Spirit and will
    feel led to learn from you and/or work with you. 


    Your marketing should create attraction for the people that you are called to serve in the marketplace. When you practice Spirit-led marketing you attract the people you are
    called to serve in the marketplace and repel the people you are not supposed to
    serve. This attraction allows you to work with ideal and aligned clients in your business. 

    4. ACTION

    The key to your marketing is to inspire some type of action for your audience to take, whether that action is to download a freebie, sign-up for an event, or purchase a product or service, your marketing should inspire action and when you are being Spirit-led with your marketing it creates Spirit-led action for you and for your audience.  

    Want to learn more about how Spirit-led Marketing creates awareness, attraction, and action for your business and/or brand?  Join me at the Badass & Brilliant Online Summit happening August 28-30th where I will be sharing about this topic and also hear from other speakers sharing about money, mindset and marketing.  Click here or the image below to sign-up to attend.

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    How to Create Awareness, Attraction, and Demand for Your Business or Brand

    The best way to create awareness, attraction, and demand for your business or brand as a believer in business is to be Spirit-led. We have been gifted the Holy Spirit for not just our personal life, but for our business.  

    The Holy Spirit is here to guide and direct us and can guide us with the BEST way to create awareness, attraction and demand for our business or brand, but you must seek out the Holy Spirit and be obedient to the way in which the Holy Spirit leads you.  Sometimes it may be different than what other people are doing in your industry, so let’s break down how you can be Spirit-led in your marketing so you can:

    1. Create Awareness

    The best marketing strategy to create awareness for your business or brand is word of mouth, when you have people volunteering to share about your business or brand it creates an awareness that is priceless, but not reliable, so in order to have consistent awareness and stay top of mind doing some marketing activities to create awareness can be super beneficial for your business or brand.

    There are so many ways that you can market and promote your business, but if you are a believer in business one of the BEST ways to consistently create awareness for your brand or business is to BE Spirit-led in your choice of marketing activity. What activity resonates with you (email, social media, advertising, etc.), what activity gives you joy or lights you up? What activity do you feel led to do in your business to create awareness? When you pay attention to these things you will be guided by the Holy Spirit as to the right marketing activities you should be doing to create awareness for your business or brand.

    2. Create Attraction

    When you know who your business is called to serve and you are aware of their problems and how your business offers the perfect solution for their problems, then your marketing becomes easier, your messaging becomes easier, and you can easily attract the individuals you are called to serve in the marketplace.

    The key is to make sure that you are aware of who you are called to serve in this season. Who are you feeling led to serve, help, assist? Being specific helps you to tailor your messaging to them and allows them to be attracted to what you have to say and how you help, so don’t just use logic as to who your target audience or ideal client should be, go inward and ask the Holy Spirit who you are called to serve in this season!

    3. Create Demand

    You create demand for your business or brand by creating awareness, creating attraction and then having a strong call to action so people can take action. It’s important to have a strong call to action so people know how to connect with your business or brand or how to purchase your product or service, without a call to action, you lose your leads and business, so make sure your marketing includes a strong call to action that prompts people to take the next step with you.

    Want to learn more about how Spirit-led marketing creates awareness, attraction, and action for your business or brand?  Join me at the Igniting Money, Marketing, and Mindset Brilliance Summit August 28-30.  Click here or the image below to sign-up to attend. 

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    The Power of Journaling Your Prayers

    Last week I shared the Facebook Livestream that I had with Selena Teems all about the Power of Prayer.  We shared how prayer is important, needed, and necessary for your business.  If you missed that blog post, be sure to check it out here!

    This week for Part 2 of our discussion, we explore the topic of journaling your prayers.  We share about the power of journaling your prayer, being in alignment with God’s will for your business and so much more.  Watch the video below to hear more (if you don’t see the video embedded below, click here or the link below to the video on Facebook: )

    Power of Journaling Your Prayers

    We share about:

    Be sure to join us for the Power of Prayer Business Breakfast on Thursday, August 17th at 9 am ET in Miami Gardens OR online at 10 am ET. Click on the link below to register to attend!
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