How to Teach Your Way to New Business


Teaching can be ONE of the B.E.S.T. marketing strategies that is often overlooked, but  when you educate and inform your present clients, potential clients and past clients, they see you as the expert, and being known as the expert in your industry has many benefits.

Discover the various ways you can educate and inform your audience and why it’s important, check out the video below or read the post.  Be sure to unmute the video in order to hear the audio:

Teaching Online:

  1. Video–  Video is a great way to teach online, it helps people to see you, know you, like you, and trust you.  They see you as an expert when you share and engage with your audience online with video.  Two popular types of videos you can do are:
    1.  Upload Videos–  Online video allows you to reach and teach your audience.  Many people search the internet for “How-to’s” and instructional videos, and YouTube, which is the second largest search engine on the Internet is super popular for finding videos that teach you how to do something, so when it comes to your business, think about what type of “How-to” videos you can create that will allow you to attract your ideal audience.  What are people specifically asking you how to do?  And how can you create the answer to that question in a video that you can upload to YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.  Now a days most social media platforms allow you to upload video to their platform.
    2. Livestream Videos-  Live video allows you to reach people live and since the video is live, it allows for more engagement with your audience, even though some people may be on live, or some people may watch the replay, either way you are reaching more people by teaching them via livestream.
  2. Webinars–  A webinar is a great way to teach your audience on a deeper level.  Uploaded videos and live stream videos are good for bite-sized information, but webinars are better for in-dept education and sharing more detailed information.  The key to doing webinars is to be consistent, do you want to do a monthly webinar, quarterly webinar, etc.  Figure out what frequency makes sense for you.

Teaching Offline:

  1. Speaking–  Speaking is a great way to teach and educate an audience in-person.  You can teach people about your industry, teach people about a specific topic or a specific thing that can help them.  Two main ways to speak are on:
    1. Someone else’s stage-  put yourself out there by speaking at local organizations, associations, groups, etc.
    2. Your own stage-  speaking at your own events like workshops and seminars.  You can have a paid workshop or seminar or you can have a free workshop or seminar.  Free workshops are mainly used to generate leads for a paid offer, so your goal during a free workshop is to fill the room with attendees and then offer the attendees the opportunity to go deeper with you by joining a paid program, service, product, etc.

Whether you choose to teach online, offline, or both, it’s  a great marketing strategy and way to grow your business because you are seen as the authority and expert in your industry, field, niche, or marketplace etc.

Are you using teaching as one of your marketing strategies?  If so, I would love to hear how it’s working for you, be sure to comment below:

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