How to turn your website into a lead-generating machine

How to turn your website into a lead-generating machine

Your website is your hub online, the place where you house all of your amazing content and where people go to learn more about you, but did you know that your website could also be a lead-generating machine for your business?

In this blog post and video, I share the ONE strategy you can use to turn your website into a client-getting machine.  Be sure to press un-mute to watch and hear the video, or read the post below:

The ONE Strategy you can use to turn your website into a client-getting machine is…… Blogging.  Blogging still works in 2018, but you have to be very strategic about your blogging.  In fact, blogging can help you to get traffic, leads, and sales from your website.

Here are three strategies you can use to

  1.  Generate Traffic

    Use specific keywords and phrases to create traffic to your website.  Use Google’s Keyword Planner to see how popular a particular keyword or keyword phrase is and create content around those keywords so that it can generate traffic to your website.  Be sure think about voice search, what questions, phrases, words, do people use to find your services and products.  Be sure to consistently create content around these keywords and keyword phrases.
  2. Generate Leads  
    Generate leads by offering content upgrades to your readers.  After they read your post what additional information can you give them that adds to the information you provided in the post, that they would be willing to exchange their name and information for.  You can get creative with your content upgrades, by offering additional steps, a checklist, an instructional video, etc.  Think outside of the box and consider what additional information you would like to know that your audience would probably like to know too.
  3. Generate Sales

You can use social media marketing and email marketing to generate sales from the leads that you get.  The goal of your social media posts should be to lead them back to your blog because that is where the magic happens on your blog.  Social media helps to get the traffic and then gets them as a lead and then you use email marketing to sell a product or service that relates to the content that they have been consuming from you.

Want to learn more about how to turn your website into a lead-generating machine?  Join me and Carol J Dunlop, the Online WOW! Specialist for a FREE 10-Day Blog Challenge starting on Monday, April 2 .  When you join the challenge you will also get the download, 26 Content Ideas to turn your website/blog into a client magnet

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