The Four Seasons in Business: What Season is Your Business In?

As most of us know there tends to be times in our business when we are super busy, and times in our business when we are not as busy.  I feel business goes in seasons.  Much like the quarterly weather seasons we experience, the business seasons are necessary for us to go through and appreciate.
  • Season 1 (Winter)-  This is the time when business is kind of “cold”.  We are not getting a lot of business, but we have enough business to keep us a float. We can use this time to make plans and work on building up our network.  Business plans are at the heart of our business and when things are slow we should review our plans, update our results, and plan on ways to improve.  Our networks also tend to be the source of our new business, so building our networks in the “cold” season will help us to get more business for our other seasons.
  • Season 2 (Spring)–  This is when we start to see the fruits of our labor.  We start to get phone calls from people who are interested in our business.  More people are interested in joining our team or partnering with us.  During this season we can say “Business is good”  because we are seeing results.  The goal in this season is to provide excellent customer service and exceed your customer’s expectation.  When we exceed our customer’s expectations and keep our customers happy, it will lead to referral business, which is one of the main ways to help grow your business.
  • Season 3 (Summer)–  This is the time when things are more relaxed and comfortable for your business.  You are getting a steady stream of business, but you are not overwhelmed.  This season is the ideal time to think about creating new products and services that you can offer your clients to enhance your business.  People always like new things, so it is important to consistently offer new products and services in your business.  This season is a great time to offer new products and services because you are able to manage your work load.
  • Season 4 (Autumn)-   During this season your business may experience a slight decrease as you are getting close to the “cold” season.  Don’t be alarmed, now is a great time to amp up the advertising and promotion of your business.  More advertising and promotion of your business during this season will help increase your sales volume due to the natural decline in sales volume you  may be in experiencing.  This season is also a great time to be sure to plant your seeds (follow-up phone calls, presentations, networking, etc.) so you can have a fruitful Spring!

Each season my vary in length and time, but most businesses experience all 4 seasons at some point in the life of their business.  The key is to stay focused and realize nothing lasts forever.

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