SHIFT from self-criticism to self-confidence in 3 steps!

Your mindset plays a key role in the success of your business, but managing your mind can be a difficult thing to do!

In this blog post, I share how to shift from a negative mindset to a positive mindset.  I chat with Clestine I Herbert, an International Speaker and Purpose Coach who helps women to understand their purpose and power so they can develop a program to attract their ideal clients so that they can be prosperous.

Watch the video or read the post to discover three simple steps to go from self-criticism to self-confidence:

As shared in the video, many women entrepreneurs and business owners often struggle with self-criticism and self-doubt when it comes to their businesses because it’s only been in the last couple of decades that women have really started to be in the forefront in business.  In fact, women-owned businesses are driving the entrepreneurial era within the last few years.

As women we are natural nurturers and lean towards receiving and manifesting with a softer energy, so when we encounter struggles, a lot of time, we tend to start questioning things more and the more we question the more we analyze, and then we start to self-analyze, and that can lead to self-criticism. In order to be successful in business and get to the next level we have to be less self-critical and more self-confident, and mindset really helps to build your confidence.

Clestine shared the Destiny Path which says, our thoughts affect our beliefs, our beliefs affect our feelings, attitude, and actions, our actions create our habits and our habits create our lifestyle, and our lifestyle becomes our destiny, so everything starts with our thoughts/mindset.

The three steps Clestine shared to go from criticism to confidence were:

  1.  Change your mindset by doing affirmations/meditations/prayer or even journaling, because your mind affects your feelings.
  2. Know who you are.  Who did God create you to be?
  3. Play into your strengths.  If you operate in weaknesses it will affect your confidence.

For more details of the three steps listed above, be sure to watch the video, and be sure to join us at the Leading Ladies Mind & Body Retreat in Braselton, Georgia (North of Atlanta, GA) on Saturday, August 25th where you will have the unique opportunity to pause, tap into your winning mindset, and mastermind for success! For a VERY limited time, you can get $100 OFF the retreat price when you use the code 100OFF. Offer is only valid until July 25th!!


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